A gift for Marilita: Marilita’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to Marilita for supporting this project! Marilita is an all-rounder review blogger. She does K-dramas, books, movies, and more.

For this K-pop playlist, I would like to challenge myself by recommending songs from artists from smaller companies.

The K-pop industry is already incredibly saturated. I wouldn’t be surprised if smaller groups or even larger groups are having difficulty standing out or just breaking through the noise of so many releases every month.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Kpop playlist, Marilita!

Fresh Adventure – LABOUM

Fresh Adventure gives me early Kpop 2000s vibes. It’s fresh, colorful, and fun.

I really like how Marilita expressed her way of going for her dreams. It could easily be a quote for a book or a book chapter.

Take a deep breath and step into the unknown, ready to make it all real.


The song gives off a youthful vibe. In a nutshell, it talks about stepping into the unknown with a special someone. I also got a sense of unwavering confidence from the song, which is why I chose it for Marilita’s playlist.

The melody is upbeat, which reflects positivity, and the lyrics are eager and energetic. I would assume that stepping into the unknown is a mix of excitement and nervousness.

No matter what, you’re starting on the right foot if you step into anything with confidence. So, this song is the happier reflection of this sentiment.

Keep Going – VOISPER

Keep Going is the follow-up song to LABOUM’s Fresh Adventure.

When you’re going through a difficult time or about to start something new, I think there are always two voices in your head. One of them is pretty negative and makes you doubt yourself. The other is positive and encourages you to keep going. The lyrics to Keep Going represent the latter.

If Fresh Adventure represents the excitement, Keep Going represents the nervousness one feels when starting something new.

The song has a heavier vibe, but it still keeps it positive, something that I really enjoyed when I first listened to the song.

DO or NOT – Pentagon

I’ve been sleeping on Pentagon, guys. Their latest album was the album that I decided to check out, and it’s full of bops. I especially like the title track, DO or NOT.

Marilita mentioned in her answers that if you love yourself first, you’re ready for everything else. I like that statement, and I think it definitely rings true.

DO or NOT is a song where you confess to someone but you won’t show or be too upset if that person doesn’t return your feelings. People either like someone, or they don’t. And if someone doesn’t return your feelings, that’s OK.

I thought this song would be a perfect fit for Marilita’s response as the lyrics portray that you aren’t afraid of putting yourself out there.

You are true to your feelings, but if someone doesn’t return them, you play it cool. Usually, this reaction comes with a healthy amount of self-confidence, which I got from Marilita’s answer.

As a side note, I really like the fun and cool vibe of this song. It’s super catchy. I find myself singing this in the shower sometimes.

A Song Written Easily – ONEUS

Oh my God, ONEUS. I am rooting for these guys.

The song’s lyrics talk about being heartbroken and how this experience easily allows them to write lyrics for this song.

I chose this song because Marilita mentioned that she likes writing books and lyrics.

Besides the obvious connection, I’d like to point out that the melody is upbeat and catchy. With songs about heartbreak, you’d normally think of ballads. But I’d like to think that while the lyrics themselves aren’t as happy, the melody represents the good to the bad.

So, I would like to use this song as motivation for Marilita. If she has a bad experience, she could always turn it into creative inspiration.

Can We Talk Again – PURPLE KISS

I heard this was a pre-debut song, and I was mindblown. From the quality and vocals, I thought it was a comeback.

Can We Talk Again talks about the inner turmoil of wanting to repair a broken relationship or friendship. While they know the other person is doing them wrong, they wonder why things can’t go back to what they were before.

Marilita mentioned that she would explain the reality to others if someone did them wrong. I interpreted this answer as taking the initiative to get the other person to own their faults.

But I would think that most people would want to either mend a friendship or relationship or end it on a good note. So, I chose this song to represent Marilita’s feelings towards a situation like this, even though she may not show it.

I like this one lyric that I think represents Marilita’s answer well.

Why is it so hard

To say you’re sorry


I hope my answers and recommendations didn’t disappoint, and you found something that you enjoy!

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