A gift for hiddengirl75: hiddengirl75’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to hiddengirl75 for supporting this project! I really enjoy reading her poetry and find the quotes that she shares insightful. She’s also a wonderful person to talk to!

She has two blogs you can check out. Wandering With Me is where she posts her poetry and blurbs. Her other blog, ‘Brain Dumb,’ is where she and another writer shares their short stories.

Before I dive in, I want to quickly mention that part of the goal for this project is to introduce people to new songs regardless if you’re a Kpop fan or not.

I haven’t seen hiddengirl75 share anything related to Kpop on her blogs, so I assume that she hasn’t fallen down the Kpop hole… yet. (It’s a great place down here, really.)

So I thought I’d introduce her to some powerful solos in the industry. There’ve been so many solo releases recently. While I’ll try to give those songs some love, I still thought it would be great to show love to the industry’s powerful soloists.

I hope you enjoy your Kpop playlist!

Dear Me – Taeyeon

Taeyeon is one of my favourite soloists ever. She was truly born to be a singer because her voice is insanely powerful. This song gave me all the feels.

Dear Me talks about trusting yourself and learning to love yourself throughout the hardships of life.

Hiddengirl75 has a clear goal of what she wants in life. Her dream is to become a crime lab technician! I think that’s super cool and a unique career to go into. But even if her dream changes, she believes she would take a safer route regarding her career.

Now, you might be wondering why I chose this song for her. It’s always ideal if someone’s dreams involve something that requires getting higher education or something similar. But if it’s something more creative or something that doesn’t involve more education, it’s more ‘taboo’ in a sense.

I think people always applaud others when they say that they will always chase their dreams. This is not a bad thing, but people who choose to give up their dreams for whatever reason aren’t as awarded or applauded as much.

So, this is why I chose this song for her. I think that no matter what you decide to do, whether that’s to take risks or go for a safer route, always have confidence in your decisions. And having confidence in yourself comes with trusting yourself.

Dear Me is a comforting song that hiddengirl75 can come back to if she experiences harmful or judgemental opinions about her choices.

Man, I hope that didn’t turn out to be a ramble.

Hello Stranger – Kai

Hello Stranger is my favourite track on Kai’s solo album. I love the groove and the mysterious, sexy vibe to it too.

Hello Stranger talks about wanting to get to know someone. It’s pretty much the start of a possible relationship, usually romantic.

Hiddengirl75 would advise getting to know someone first before pursuing a relationship. I thought this song would be perfect for the occasion.

Blueming – IU

This is a follow-up song to Hello Stranger. While Hello Stranger has a sexy vibe going on, IU’s Blueming is fun, catchy, and cute. This was on repeat for the longest time.

Blueming talks about the very early stages of a relationship: When two people text back and forth. You could interpret it as the next phase after the whole getting-to-know-each-other shenanigan. This time, though, you’re also subtly flirting.

In a nutshell, I interpreted hiddengirl75’s response to love to say to not rush into things. When you’re texting back and forth, I feel like you’re also testing the waters if that person is interested in you or not.

Done for Me – Punch

This is one of my favourite soundtracks ever. I love the eerie, melancholic vibe. Punch’s voice is really similar to IU, which I’ll never complain about.

Done for Me talks about painfully letting go of something that was once beautiful.

We all have fond memories of friends. But when we get hurt by the actions of people we love, the trust is broken.

Hiddengirl75 mentioned that she would never want to show that she’s hurt by someone else’s actions because she wouldn’t want to give them that satisfaction.

So, I chose this song to represent her emotions, the inner turmoil of mentally letting go of a friendship.

Hashtag – Jonghyun

Jonghyun is a talented singer-songwriter that will forever be missed by many, myself included. This track is one out of the many he has credits on.

Hashtag has a jazzy groove, and you’d never expect the lyrics to call out people who love gossiping about others based on what they see on social media.

Hiddengirl75 mentioned she is a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs have strong morality, but they aren’t aggressive. Hashtag’s instrumental has a chill vibe which represents her softer side. And the lyrics represent her witty attitude.

So this song is like a combination of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, something that she mentioned in her answers.

Thinking of solo releases was surprisingly more difficult than I thought. I guess this means I need to brush up on my soloists.

Anyways, I hope my answers and recommendations didn’t disappoint, and you found something that you enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “A gift for hiddengirl75: hiddengirl75’s Kpop playlist

  1. >_< I was so excited when I got the notification! And I was even more excited when I saw it consisted of all solos. I've actually already fallen down the Kpop hole…the posts are just buried deep in my blog. 😂 My favorite groups are Seventeen and Astro, I don't listen to many solos so I was eager to listen to some new songs. I didn't know any of these songs so I just had to listen to them all before commenting. And I have got to say your song picking skills are amazing, these songs felt like my entire past year wrapped up in a five song playlist. And I love them! Thank you so much! This playlist and your explanations have hit home with me and it means so much more than you could know. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Seventeen! 🌹 I’ve finally met another Carat. ❤️ These picks were my personal favorites from their respective albums, so I’m glad you also enjoyed these as much as I did 😊 I’m also glad I added a bit of sparkle to your day 💝

      Liked by 1 person

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