First Impressions: Refresh Man

Am I getting old?

When I was younger, I could find romantic comedies I enjoyed in a heartbeat. Now, I have to dig for weeks or even months to find something I enjoy.

It seems like I still have more digging to do because Refresh Man just isn’t doing it for me.

In high school, Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) was an overachiever with a bright future ahead of her. Her classmate, Ji Wen Kai (Aaron Yan), was an underachiever and had the worst grades in the class.

Ten years later, Ji Wen Kai becomes the new CEO of the cosmetic company Yu Tang works for. When Yu Tang couldn’t fulfill her duties as his secretary, Wen Kai transfers her to an underachieving department that’s full of people who have no passion for their job.

I started watching this because of Aaron Yan. I mean, just look at him.

I could stare at that GIF all day.

Anyways, what bothered me the most about this drama was the characters.

Ji Wen Kai is… an interesting character. So far, it seems like his actual job is to supervise Yu Tang. Surely a CEO has more responsibilities than just keeping tabs on their employees. He’s one of those capable, cold characters but is a total softie on the inside.

I am not a fan of Zhong Yu Tang. When she’s faced with someone more capable and skilled than her, she doesn’t actively do anything to improve herself or think of solutions. When faced with social or work problems, she’s always at a stump at what to do.

I’m not saying she should be full-out aggressive in defending herself, but at least she should show that she cares about her reputation and wants to find solutions to help her situation.

Another thing that raised some eyebrows was the logic behind the characters’ backstories.

How in the world did Ji Wen Kai become CEO when his grades were terrible? He was also tutored by Zhong Yu Tang in the past, but that clearly did not help his grades. How in the world did Zhong Yu Tang end up being a character who can’t solve problems when she was at the top of her class? That might be slightly exaggerated, but c’mon.

It seems like this backstory was just a foundation for the romance or connecting the two characters. But at least make it make sense.

Now, I sort of cheated. I looked up the rest of the story and saw that Ji Wen Kai’s new and capable secretary falls for him. But of course, Ji Wen Kai has always liked Zhong Yu Tang.

Now… I am really not fond of the whole “boys liking incapable girls” trope no matter what age the characters are. I’m sure the reasons are self-explanatory.

I feel like I’m harsh on our female protagonist, so I’ll say something nice about her. Joanne Tseng, the actress who plays her, is beautiful. Honestly, her talents were wasted playing a character like this.

I dropped this after the second… third? episode. I don’t think I can continue watching to even find out if there’s some sense in the backstories or anything.

If I was younger, I think I would’ve enjoyed this. But now I really can’t stomach it. The only good thing that came from me watching this was Aaron Yan because he is fine af.

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