Sorn ‘Run’ Quick Thoughts

I didn’t know that Sorn from CLC was releasing a solo. I decided to check this out on a whim, and I am so glad I did.

The song has a simple and refreshing melody. It’s also super catchy that’s perfect for the beach. When I first heard the song, all I could picture was a group of friends vacationing on the beach. Imagine drinking cocktails, building sandcastles, screaming to the ocean, and playing beach volleyball.

Run doesn’t have any special highlights. Besides the beat picking up in the chorus, everything else is pretty generic. The lyrics aren’t meaningful or insightful either. She talks about letting loose and running away for a time to do whatever she wants. It’s a fun song that’s perfect for a long drive.

After listening to the song, I checked out the music video. And I wasn’t surprised to see those beach shots. The music video is cute and fun. It has a home video kind of vibe. Except the home video is insanely high quality with a few model-like shots. We get some vacation-like shots and Sorn looking absolutely gorgeous. I hope she keeps the blonde for a long time.

What I really enjoyed about this song is Sorn’s voice. It’s so light and clear.

I loved everything about this song. It’ll definitely be on repeat for the next week or so.

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