Spill the tea: #WhatDoYouBelieveIn

Big Hit Entertainment recently began a campaign asking others what they believe in. All of their artists participated, and I thought this campaign idea would make a great blog post.

So I’d like to share what I believe in.

Xenophobia is on the rise, and I don’t think it’s going to slow down anytime soon. While it’s always been hidden in the shadows, this pandemic has either brought out the worst in people or shed light on who they really are.

I’d like to believe it’s just people who don’t know better. But I’m starting to think that there really are people who harbour genuine hate against Asians, which stemmed from ignorance or lack of critical thinking skills.

With that being said, I believe in powerful storytelling.

My Master’s Degree was in Business Journalism. It was here that I got a real sense of how influential storytelling can be. I also noticed how easy it is to frame stories for whatever reason. While this post is not going to turn political, I would still like to point out that there isn’t a single country free from media propaganda.

Everyone has a story.

Behind every Asian American that was harassed, attacked, or verbally abused has a powerful story of their journey to the West. You’ll find numerous reasons behind their motivations. But I can promise that every single one is filled with hardship and incredible perseverance. This goes for all Asians overseas.

Behind every perpetrator, they have their own story behind their actions. It answers the most important question: why?

I firmly believe that hate isn’t born. It’s made.

While I would like to say that everyone is a victim in this, this doesn’t excuse any action meant to physically or mentally harm another person. At the end of the day, you are still responsible for your own actions.

Now, everyone loves a good story.

Good stories get to the heart of the problem. Good stories give a reason why. Good stories show you different perspectives.

Good stories resonate with people.

I don’t think there’s a “one solution fixes all” to xenophobia. But I strongly believe that good stories would help everyone understand each other better, no matter what race you are.

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