Quick thoughts on the BTS Grammy situation

This post is for me more than anything.

I’ve never been that interested in the Grammys until this year. Three guesses why.

Not going to lie; I was bummed when I found out that BTS didn’t win. Of course, there are tons of ARMYs and others saying that BTS truly deserved that award.

My ARMY heart also screams the same. I really want BTS to win. Like RM said, this would be a wonderful wrap-up to their American journey.

I came across comments where people attributed BTS’s loss to racism against Asians. I don’t completely agree or disagree with those comments. (Though I do agree that America has an insidious race problem, in general.)

To me, the Grammys do feel like an “American” or “caucasian” award. As in, if you’re not of a specific race or nationality, it may be difficult for you to get nominated or win.

I feel that way because no one knows the actual criteria for judging nominees or who these supposed “experts” in evaluating submissions and submitting votes for the ultimate winner.

There are basic words like “quality” and “performance” thrown around, but that’s so generic and vague.

What do these terms actually mean?

When Grammy day comes along, the award just gets handed off to an artist or musician without an explanation. Like… okay? The public just needs to accept it.

Now, if they don’t want to bother with criteria transparency, you would think that maybe they could switch it up a bit sometimes and have musicians and artists from other races or nationalities win. I’m going to stop here before I get too heated.

In the end, maybe BTS did deserve to win. Maybe they didn’t. Of course, in the hearts of ARMY, they deserve to win everything.

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