Rosé ‘On the Ground’ Quick Thoughts

If you’re a Kpop fan, you must’ve heard about Rosé’s ‘On the Ground’ by now. I’ve heard about this upcoming release for some time now, and I was really anticipating it. So, when the official music video came out, I had to jot down some quick thoughts about it.

I’m not a huge fan of the song.

I’m no music critic or expert in music production, but the chorus felt flat. Like, really flat. It’s strange because I really enjoyed ‘Celebrity’, IU’s pre-release. ‘Celebrity’ had somewhat a similar chorus. There was barely any vocals and had a strong instrumental beat.

But there’s something about the chorus of ‘On the Ground’ that made all anticipation for the rest of the song go away. There was barely any vocals. The instrumental sounded like it was dragging.

If I’m not wrong, I think they said that this was supposed to be soft rock. I think soft rock is supposed to have a simpler and melodic beat compared to rock or pop songs? Correct me if I’m wrong. But I don’t think this can really classify as soft rock since the song just feels… empty.

This feeling is a little reminiscent of how I felt listening to How You Like That.

The second time I listened to it, I got some Taylor Swift vibes. It definitely sounds like something released for the Western market.

In a nutshell, I wish they would’ve done more with the chorus vocal and instrumental wise.

To end this on a high note, the music video was amazing as always. The visuals are super captivating. And there are some impressive shots in there.

If I could summarize my thoughts for this song in one sentence, it would be this: You expect a main dish but get served hors d’oeuvres instead.

8 thoughts on “Rosé ‘On the Ground’ Quick Thoughts

  1. I’d say this song is fine, but the instrumentation during the chorus is what ruined it. I’m not too bothered by it… but they couldn’t fine a better sound?

    I also wish they would’ve added more to the production.

    Now that you mentioned it, this doesn’t have the feel of a pop rock song… interesting 🧐

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  2. Yes! I really wanted to write a review of it, but the song was so- flat? I mean as a beginner music producer myself, the production was good- but it was just- out of place? Maybe I was expecting too much, but Rose- with her skills and beautiful voice could have defo done bettter:(

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