A gift for Kirito: Kirito’s Kpop playlist

While these posts are scheduled for Sundays or Mondays, I managed to get it done early!

A huge thank you to Kirito for supporting this project! It was great reading your answers and getting to know you more.

Kirito is an ani blogger; he does anything and everything related to anime. So, be sure to check him out! It was sometime last year that I found his blog, and he’s always a pleasure to talk to.

Kirito is pretty active on his socials. You can follow him at the following links:

I hope you enjoy your Kpop playlist!

Run – Epik High

I remember listening to Epik High so much during high school. Their songs always carry meaningful messages, and they’re truly veterans in the industry. Run talks about the struggles that one faces when you’re having a hard time.

Kirito answered that he would pursue his dreams relentlessly than being comfortable and unhappy. On a path of so much uncertainty, you’ll probably doubt yourself more than once. But when you tackle challenges one at a time with a good head on your shoulders, the tunnel never seems so dark.

I chose this song to symbolize Kirito’s determination to reach his goals but the hardships that also comes along.

Apollo 11 – JAMIE feat. Jay Park

Jamie’s voice is one of my favourites in Kpop. It’s so powerful and clear. Her range is also amazing. She blew me away in Kpop Star and her short time in 15&.

I really love the melody and the message in Apollo 11. She talks about taking things one step at a time to accomplish her goals/dreams. She won’t lose herself along the way or fall victim to other’s meaningless criticism about herself. And when she gets there, she’ll make history.

I chose this song as a follow-up song to Run. It’s when Kirito overcomes the hardships and all he sees are green lights.

Nunu Nana – Jessi

Jessi has swag and a badass vibe, so her songs give off the same energy; usually, these songs are a hit or a miss for me. Most of the time, it’s a miss. But when I watched her interview variety shows with other artists, I love her down-to-earth and funny personality. So I decided to check out her songs.

Nuna Nana encompasses the idea that she doesn’t give an F about what people say about her… which is why I chose this song for Kirito’s playlist.

Kirito mentioned in his answers that he isn’t afraid of confrontation, even in front of people. But it’s not just that he’s bold; he’s confident in the process leading up to this confrontation. In essence, he gave it thought and won’t be afraid of what other people say.

It’s also a song for some kabedon action.

200% – Akdong Musician (AKMU)

200% was my introduction to AKMU, and I love it so much. It’s an upbeat, cute song about developing feelings for someone. Upon a closer look, 200% is from the girl’s perspective and the thoughts inside her head about this boy.

I chose this song because Kirito advised that you should give feelings a shot.

The funny thing is the twist at the end of the MV. Kirito continues to say that you should shoot your shot, but if it doesn’t work out, someone is willing to return the energy you give them.

Love Day – Yoseob & Eunji

A throwback to one of my favorite duets of all time.

This is a follow-up song to 200%, which talks about both people rather than living inside your head about feelings for one person.

Kirito mentioned in his answers on advice about love and relationships is that love comes naturally.

Love Day talks about two people falling for each other naturally, not realizing that they’re developing feelings for each other. It also goes through the questions both people have when developing feelings.

I hope my answers and recommendations didn’t disappoint!

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