A gift for asic-best-girl: Asic-best-girl’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to asic-best-girl for supporting this project. I really enjoyed reading your clean-cut answers.

asic-best-girl runs a blog where she writes about all of her interests. There’s a bit of everything on her blog– Kpop, books, resolutions, thoughts on specific topics like productivity.

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I hope you enjoy your Kpop playlist!

Idol – BTS

BTS are so diverse in their music that there’s something for everyone. Idol is a song that talks about knowing what you want in life, being comfortable with who you are and standing strong in the face of criticism.

When I read through asic-best-girl’s answers, I realized that she is energetic and won’t back down from something she believes in. When I asked what she would do if she got the opportunity to chase her dreams, she chose to chase her dreams without any hesitation. She knows what she wants. This message is highly emphasized in Idol, which is why I chose this song.

Another reason for choosing this one is the high-energy it brings to anyone who hears it. I feel like she would be the life of the party, and her energy would be super contagious, just like Idol.

Don’t Call Me – SHINee

After three years, SHINee is finally back! This is their title track with an upbeat, sassy vibe. It talks about not picking up an ex-lover’s calls and flaunting that boss energy we all get after getting over a breakup.

I chose this song for asic-best-girl’s playlist because I got the impression that she doesn’t forget about the past. What I mean by this is that if you do her wrong, she’ll remember. She won’t hold a grudge, but she won’t make the same mistake twice or allow the person to hurt her again.

Don’t Call Me has that vibe. It’s about living your best life and not giving someone who has wronged you in the past to ruin your good vibes.

Jogging – LUCY

LUCY is so underrated that it hurts. This group is so talented, incorporating instruments like violin into their music. I really like this song as it carries a happy vibe with a meaningful message.

In a nutshell, this song talks about taking things one step at a time. To slow down when you think you need to. If you lose yourself, can you call yourself happy? I really like this particular line in the song.

I chose this song because of two reasons. First is the melody. It fits with asic-best-girl’s outgoing personality. The second is the lyrics. She mentioned in her answers that she would advise someone to follow their heart but keep a good head on their shoulders when it comes to love. In other words, don’t lose yourself.

While this song doesn’t talk about love specifically, I think it fits with her answer. If you lose yourself in a relationship, can you call yourself happy? Slow down. Take things one step at a time, and see where it goes.

Dancing in the Rain – B.A.P

B.A.P may have disbanded, but their songs age well. This song is upbeat, catchy, and just an overall feel-good song. The lyrics are also flirtatious. This track is actually one of my favourites by these guys.

I chose this song because I interpreted the lyrics to be pretty bold. It plays around with the idea of love at first sight. It doesn’t seem to take love too seriously and just enjoy the moment you’re in. asic-best-girl mentioned that she’s an ENTP-A.

These personality types are bold and daring. They also pursue their goals rigorously. While she didn’t mention anything about pursuing love interests, I thought this would be a fun track to capture her bold and fun personality.

Spring Day – BTS

Will I ever create a playlist without a single BTS song? I don’t know. I think that would be a feat for me.

BTS MVs are always so creative. Spring Day’s MV is one of the most symbolic ones I’ve seen, which is why I showed the MV instead of the lyric video here.

Going back to the asic-best-girl’s personality type, ENTP-A types are creative and can easily break down ideas and rebuild them into something new. So, I chose Spring Day. It has a lot of creativity, and you can interpret it however you like. While there was talk that it’s based on a tragic event, it was never confirmed, which ultimately shows that you can take their creativity and make it personal with your own experiences.

Rather than choosing this song for its lyrics and melody, I chose it for its creativity and symbolized her ability to portray concepts abstractly.

I hope my answers and recommendations didn’t disappoint!

Like Una’s Kpop playlist, this was a lot of fun to do. To see the Kpop playlists I did for others, go to Musings > Kpop Playlist > Your Kpop Playlist.

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6 thoughts on “A gift for asic-best-girl: Asic-best-girl’s Kpop playlist


    yaay thank you so much for this playlist- I love it🥺🥺, I’m so happy it contains some of my favourite songs!!!!!!!!!

    idol is literally the best start to any playlist- it’s so powerful, so experimental and so filled with hype. Ah, you calling me the life of the party seems like such a high compliment, thank you!! (I mean you’re not wrong tho, I like jumping around and being hype xD).. Yes, if someone hurts me or is a meanie to me, I’ll definitely not forget that- I’ll make sure to not let that happen twice- Don’t call me is perfect for those vibes. LUCY is underrated- I will go check them out right now.

    The main point of a relationship is to really discover yourself and your s/o as a person- losing yourself never helps. It’s funny that you mention Dancing In The Rain here, because it coincidentally was the first(and only) B.A.P song I’ve ever heard. I love that song so much, and it has such a perfect melody.

    Spring Day’s music video, remains one of BTS’s best music videos cinematographically. It’s one of my comfort BTS songs, and to see you include that into the playlist just warmed my heart a little!

    I love this playlist so much!! <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! BAP has great discography *-* I highly recommend their other songs, especially I remember by Yongguk feat Daehyun. The vocals are so powerful. I guess Dancing in the rain was meant to be haha

      Liked by 1 person

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