Webtoon Spotlight: Distant Sky

Are you ready to fall into complete despair?

Distant Sky is a survival horror Webtoon that focuses on Hanuel and Heyool. Hanuel wakes up and finds the world in ruin. He meets Heyool, a mysterious girl, who seems to know what she’s doing in this new apocalyptic world.

Distant Sky keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author does an amazing job of building tension and showing how frightening this world is. The main characters are fighting for their lives in every chapter, and they are always put in life-threatening situations. I began to wonder if the author enjoyed seeing them suffer since the characters are always in despair.

This story is the definition of ‘is life worth living?’

The characters run from cannibals, sinkholes, earthquakes, lava, fight off flesh-eating bugs, witness people getting radioactively deformed, and more. They also come across a woman carrying a chainsaw looking for people so she could cut their hearts out for her dead baby. There’s also a backstory behind this woman.

On multiple occasions, Hanuel and Heyool almost give up. In the beginning, Heyool almost committed suicide with a friend. But at the last minute, she fought to live, while her friend died. Hanuel also has several mental breakdowns.

The art and backdrop are just black and white. There’s very little color in the story. This affects you psychologically as you read. What’s interesting is that the only colour, in the beginning, is Heyool’s red jacket.

What I love about this Webtoon is the storyline and how it’s presented. Spoiler alert: It’s not in chronological order. You will get confused the more you read it. There are plot holes and logic issues. You may even wonder if the characters have nine lives.

The story also jumps back and forth between Hanuel and Heyool. They each have their own backstory that eventually comes together to help you understand everything that happened and where the story is going.

Hanuel and Heyool are like the characters from Your Name. They find each other, get separated, and then they try to find each other again. Except Your Name is in a happier setting and Hanuel and Heyool are doomed to suffer.

I highly recommend Distant Sky.

It’s full of despair that you just need to know what other obstacles the characters will have to face next. The story has apparently been going on for five years. After a long hiatus, it’s finally back, which is how I discovered it.

Distant Sky is guaranteed to give you goosebumps no matter where and when you’re reading it.

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