A gift for Una: Una’s Kpop playlist

A huge thank you to Una for supporting this project. I also appreciate the thought you put into your answers.

Una is one of the writers for hallyureviews, a blog for Kpop, Korean dramas, Korean movies, Korean books, and Japanese dramas. I especially love their Kpop reviews; they’re insightful and they get straight to the point.

Follow Una at hallyureviews and @devilwearsgabbana!

I hope you enjoy your Kpop playlist, Una!

Magic Shop – BTS

BTS has a special ability to comfort people with their music. Their lyrics have so much meaning, and the simple beats allow you to focus on their clear and strong vocals. Magic Shop talks about finding comfort through this song during difficult times.

I asked what kind of advice you would give a younger sibling about love and relationships, and Una answered that she would never want them to feel uncomfortable. In addition to her answers, her writing tone made me feel that she’s an affectionate person.

I got the impression that she’s the kind of person who would give solid, great advice if you asked. She would make you feel comfortable and wouldn’t judge you. But, of course, we are all human. So, we will have difficult times. I chose Magic Shop to symbolize Una as a person and as a place when she has her difficult times.


MAMAMOO are four fierce women with great discography. Their songs are usually catchy with strong vocals and rap. But most importantly, I can’t recall a song from them that felt like it was in your face. Yes, they’re fierce, but their music never feels like it’s screaming at you. The lyrics are also strong but do not reflect an attitude.

WANNA BE MYSELF is a song that talks about respecting yourself and being comfortable in your own skin rather than comparing yourself to others. Like I mentioned above, they get the point across without loud beats and humble lyrics.

I chose this song for Una’s playlist because she won’t pretend that she’s OK with something when she isn’t. If she’s uncomfortable, she will do something about it. But she won’t be outright rude about it. She’ll find a way to get herself out of the situation. She looks out for herself.

Friends – Jimin & V

Friends is a track sung by V and Jimin of BTS. The lyrics are incredibly cute and progress like a movie. It starts with the fated meeting in Seoul, getting into fights, and making memories together. The lyrics also reflect moments that only Jimin and V know about, which makes it cuter.

Una mentioned in her answers that she enjoys watching movies or TV shows that focus on friendships and family. She also enjoys hanging out with her closest friends. What could be a better song than Friends by BTS?

Do What We Like – TWICE

TWICE is known for their bubbly, cute charm. Their songs usually talk about crushes and first-loves. Do What We Like is no exception. The lyrics talk about not letting each other go and just “do what we like.” It’s a simple and cute song that just goes with the flow and makes you enjoy the moment.

No, Una didn’t mention any romantic interest in her answers. But, she did mention her passion. Her passion for teaching, her dream career. She’s already in the profession, and she’s making progress towards bigger goals. You could say that she’s just “doing what she likes.” I interpreted this song to symbolize Una’s “relationship” with her profession and goals. She won’t let this go. And, well, I’m pretty sure teaching won’t let her go either.

Peach – IU

IU is a queen. Her ballads are incredibly soothing and heartwarming. Her vocals will make you melt into a puddle. Anyway, this song is like a “good morning” song. It’s a feel-good song that’s perfect for mornings and rainy days. Peach is a song to convey the feelings when one looks at their lover.

Una mentioned that she has a cat named Maca. I thought Peach would be a cute song to interpret Una’s feelings towards her cat or vice versa. Who wouldn’t love their fur baby?

I hope my answers and recommendations didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed writing this, so I hope you also enjoyed reading it. It was also a wonderful opportunity to learn about other bloggers.

In case anyone is wondering, I will not publish the full answers I receive for this project.

If anyone is interested in taking part in this project, please click the link below to fill out the form!

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3 thoughts on “A gift for Una: Una’s Kpop playlist

  1. Annie! This just saved my day, I love it so much. (◠ω◠✿)

    Your explanations for the song are so sweet and well thought out, I love them. Wanna Be Myself is one of the songs I’ve listened to the most last year so I’m really glad to see it on the list omg. Magic Shop & Friends are such perfect choices as well, I love both songs and you are absolutely right about BTS having the great ability to comfort us with their songs.

    Peach is such a sweet song, I love it so much, Maca will be hearing it a lot from now on haha! ᵔᴥᵔ And Do What We Like is a jam and a half, what a great pick. Thank you so much for this, not only did I enjoy participating and answering the questions you prepared, but I absolutely love the playlist that you gifted me. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I did it justice. 🌹 I saw that your answers were descriptive, so I tried my best to return the time and effort by providing quality answers. Looking forward to reading more posts on hallyureviews 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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