Weirded out: content that left me speechless

Throughout my venture for something to read or watch, I’ve come across some questionable content.

I’m not saying that what I listed here is bad. They’ve just left me, well, really weirded out by the content that I was at a loss for words. Also, note that I didn’t finish any content I listed here.

So, without further ado, enjoy.

Million Yen Women

The story follows Shin Michima, an unpopular novelist. He lives with 5 mysterious women with different personalities. These women pay Shin a million yen every month for rent and living expenses. However, Shin isn’t allowed to question the women in the house.

I didn’t waste any time watching this on Netflix. The premise really intrigued me. While I found the plot to be a bit slow, I was weirded by the women in the house. I understand that they’re all supposed to be mysterious, but their actions just made me go ಠ_ಠ.

Minami, the President of a Call-Girl club, is a nudist. She walks around the house naked, and no one bats an eye. I remember just being taken aback when she first appeared in the house. If I remember correctly, Midori, the high schooler, shows up half-naked in front of Shin and asks if he would touch her if she was an adult. What led up to this? I don’t remember Midori showing interest in Shin. So this action seemed out-of-the-blue and strange.

I assume that the mysteries get solved as the murders happen. But the premise leading up to this point was very different than other rom-com dramas I watched.


The story follows two people who end up becoming humanoids after an explosion. They’re very different, but their paths eventually cross. An old classmate introduced me to this anime, and… I just didn’t enjoy it. I think it’s because it’s so vulgar, at least from what I remember.

The events that happen in the anime just left me in shock. There’s sexual assault, insane bullying, family murders, and more. While I didn’t enjoy the content, I do see why it’s so popular. They aren’t afraid to censor or sugarcoat the terrible things that can happen to people because of people. Inuyashiki is also an older protagonist, something that’s not common in mainstream stories.

While this is definitely not my cup of tea, I do appreciate its bluntness in portraying serious issues.

Midori Days

The story follows a young man whose right-hand turns into a girl. They must learn to adapt to this strange circumstance. I don’t even remember why I decided to give this a shot. I think it was because I was curious to see how this gets executed. I guess I got bored of it pretty quickly; I didn’t make it past episode three.

Prison School

The story follows four boys in an authorial all-girls school.

This one is one of the few that I had a serious problem with. If Inuyashiki wasn’t my cup of tea, this one just raised my uncomfortable levels through the roof and beyond. I didn’t like any character in this, and the reactions of the boys and the girls were so over-the-top and explicit that any shred of hope I had for this instantly vanished.

When I think back on this manga, I still wonder what the plot was. The “fan-service” completely buried the little story this had. I guess this series was meant to be a huge joke or parody, and it really took this to the extremes.

Dead Tube

The story follows Machiya and Mashiro, a team that films death and gory videos for Dead Tube. There are many “content creators” on Dead Tube who get money for their content; the person who gets the least views takes a punishment.

Holy. Crap. I really wish I can unsee this. There’s not a single decent character in this manga. What’s even more unsettling is how innocent Machiya looks. He looks like he’s twelve and filming these gory and explicit scenes and getting aroused by it. When I think about it, I guess this manga was meant to portray how ugly and frightening the Internet can be. If that was the goal, they really did get their point across.

After going through this, I can conclude that I am not a fan of explicit content, especially when it’s so in-your-face like Prison School, Dead Tube, and some of Inuyashiki.

Now it’s time for me to indulge in warm and fuzzy content.

4 thoughts on “Weirded out: content that left me speechless

  1. Annie!!! 😃😃. I’d avoid redo healer, if some of these were questionable. Otherwise very interesting post 😁😁. I’m okay, just been tired. Hope you’ve been good too.

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