Valentine’s Day gift ideas for my favourite anime characters

I adore many characters from anime. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I shall shower them with more love.

Chishiya (Alice in Borderland)

Chishiya is actually a manga and drama character… but let me cheat here.

I adore this man. Chishiya’s calm, quiet, and intelligent. He easily became my favourite character in Alice in Borderland. Though, I’m not sure if I would team up with someone like him in a setting like Alice in Borderland. He’s also manipulative, selfish, and cares little about what happens to others… which is strangely why I like him so much.

Anyway, if I could gift this guy something, I would get him mystery or psychological novels or novellas. I think he would enjoy a Sherlock Holmes mystery or something by Agatha Christie. I also have a hunch he would enjoy something like English tea, so I would also get him a white and gold tea set as well.

Gouda Takeo (My Love Story!!)

Takeo is a cinnamon roll with a heart of gold. He’s also a positive and loyal person. He would be an awesome friend that really listens to you when you’re down.

But the main reason why I like him so much is that he seems to have healthy self-confidence. Despite all the “hate” he gets from other girls, his mindset is pretty healthy which will take him far in life. Though his trusting and selfless personality would probably be his downfall.

I would get Takeo a cookbook with recipes from around the world. It’s been a while since I watched the anime, but I think he would be a good cook. And, well, he would definitely enjoy cooking with Rinko.

Nyanko-Sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

He’s the main reason why I watched the series in the first place. He’s funny and condescending. And most importantly, his form is a lucky cat. I was sold.

I would get Nyanko-Sensei a sweets box that’s half-filled with sweet snacks like dango and the other half with healthier choices. It would be wrapped in red and white with a silk red ribbon at the top left.

Aida Riko (Kuroko no Basuke)

I really like Riko’s strong-willed personality. She’s very dedicated to the team and does her best for them. She also has healthy self-confidence that allows her to carry herself well. I feel like she wouldn’t be the type of person to stress about little things and is more logical than emotional.

I think the best gift Riko could get is just a relaxing week or day off. The girl needs time away from the team and just to enjoy her own company and hobbies.

Li Meiling (Card Captor Sakura)

I like all of the female characters in Card Captor Sakura, but Meiling’s character growth stood out to me. She goes from a spoiled brat and being jealous of Sakura to strengthening her own abilities and showing respect for others. I also enjoy her interactions with Kero as she matures.

I think Meiling would be really into fashion as she gets older. She wouldn’t be afraid to try new styles. But I think she would love wearing traditional Chinese clothing but style it in her own way. So I would probably get her a stack of fashion magazines from different cultures.

I hope you enjoyed reading this fun little post for Valentine’s Day. I’m currently celebrating Chinese New Year, which I may do another fun post for that too. Stay safe, everyone!

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