Five anime and drama ideas that could go really bad or really good

This post is inspired by Dewbond’s five anime ideas that I’d think would be cool at Shallow Dives in Anime.

Seasons Personified

Imagine the seasons personified and living together as roommates. It’s a slice of life that goes through their ups and downs.

Summer is generally an outgoing and cheerful person who has an optimistic outlook on life. Winter is introverted and finds comfort in their own company rather than someone else. Autumn is also quite introverted but secretly wishes for genuine relationships with others. Lastly, Spring has made many mistakes in life and is just starting to look forward in life.

If we’re going for a fantasy route, their mood impacts the season the place they’re currently staying in.

I enjoyed watching Hetalia, and I wonder how this idea would play out.

Urban Legends

I know that there are already animes about urban legends out there. But I would love to see an anime that connects them all together to form one story.

If this already exists, please drop a name in the comments! A unique challenge would be to connect urban legends from different cultures into one coherent storyline.

I love urban legends and this would just fuel my obsession.

Family Drama

Before you start that eye roll, give me one sentence to explain. I’d be interested in watching a family drama where everyone uses wits to outsmart the others to get a large inheritance or something similar.

Add in a murder and you have my full attention. You don’t know who to trust, and people only work together for their own benefit. It’s kind of similar to Liar Game, a series that I will always adore.

Okay, now you can roll your eyes at me.

Out of this world

This has probably been done before, and I just don’t know about it.

I’ve seen a few plotlines that go something like this: Humans get a visit from a mysterious creature from outer space. But let’s take it a step further.

Earth is reaching the end of its days, and the last few survivors are about to give up until they get a visit from a group of supernatural creatures. These creatures take the survivors to another planet, where an entire civilization is thriving.

I can see this being comedic or dark, depending on the plot.

School Improv Team

There are a lot of animes that focus on sports and clubs. Is there an anime that focuses on theatre clubs?

I can imagine the protagonist joining the school improv team to be more outgoing. After many tournaments, they get an opportunity to join a big project outside of school.

Since it takes place in a school setting, there are already many plot lines that can happen without the focus being an improv team. But hey, it’s like spicing things up.

And… That’s It

I think anything can be done well with proper planning and execution. Without it, you would be walking on a tightrope the entire time.

Thanks to Dewbond for the inspiration. Be sure to check out his blog post!

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