What if Hotel del Luna had a Japanese remake…

Hotel del Luna will always be a favorite with its amazing cinematography, character development, and plot. It’s a South-Korean drama starring IU as Jang Man-Wol and Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung. The story revolves around Jang Man-Wol and the mysterious hotel known as Hotel del Luna.

I’ve yet to see a Western remake of an Asian drama that I enjoy, but I do wonder how the vibe of Hotel del Luna would change under Japanese production.

This post will cover who I would recast the characters and who would sing the OSTs.


I love the Korean cast. Everyone is so perfect for the role that I cannot imagine anyone else in it, actually. But I do think these Japanese actors and actresses would be top contenders.

Suzu Hirose as Jang Man-Wol

Jang Man-Wol (IU) is the female protagonist. She’s known for her sassy and fierce personality, but she hides a dark past which explains her current self.

There’s something about Suzu Hirose that’s a balance between cute and fierce. I know her from Chihayafuru, and I would love to see her in a strong female role with killer outfits that would take her skills to the next level.

Ishihara Satomi is also a strong contender. After so many projects, she’s a veteran in the acting industry. I would love to see her in a role like Jang Man-Wol.

Mackenyu as Gu Chan-Sung

Gu Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-goo) is the sophisticated and kind love-interest. He’s stoic and rational, thus he often put him at odds with Jang Man-Wol.

I’ve only seen Mackenyu in quiet and stoic roles; he also has a sophisticated vibe about him that fits Gu Chan-Sung. In Chihayafuru, I enjoyed his chemistry with Suzu Hirose, and I would love to see them in another project together.

Okada Masaki is also a strong contender. I love his cute, sidekick-like personality in Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku. Overall, he has a mature and sophisticated vibe that would make a perfect Gu Chan-Sung.

Takeuchi Ryoma as Go Chung-myung

Go Chung-myung (Lee Do-hyun) is the second male lead. He is a royal guard captain who fell in love with Jang Man-Wol. After his death, he was the hotel’s first guest and stayed by Man-Wol’s side due to a promise.

I watched him in Overprotected Kahoko and loved his acting and character. Somehow, I think he would play a good soldier as his looks get more mature. He’s been in some action dramas as support characters like The Last Cop 2. And, well, I would just like to see him decked out in historical attire.

Mone Kamishirashi as Kim Yoo-na 

Soo-jung is Yoo-na’s classmate who was murdered by Yoo-na (Kang Mi-na). When Yoo-na’s spirit is obliterated, Soo-jung decides to remain inside Yoo-na’s body and takes her identity to live. She is an intern at Hotel del Luna.

Yoo-na is in high school and has an innocent vibe to her. I watched Mone Kamishirashi in a drama with Sato Takeru, and I ended up loving her character despite it being a stereotypical shojo character. She really has a knack for pure and innocent characters.

I think Nagano Mei would also play this role really well. She’s been in so many high school dramas that this would be like second nature to her.

Dori Sakurada as Ji Hyun-joong

Ji Hyun-joong (P.O) is the hotel receptionist who is nice and polite. He waited for 70 years to be able to leave for the afterlife with his younger sister. He dates Yoo-na, but ultimately had to break up with her.

If you’ve only seen Alice in Borderland, you would know Dori Sakurada as the crazy, scatterbrained, and psychotic militant. But Dori Sakurada is such a versatile actor. I love him in I Won’t Work Overtime as the quiet younger brother. I would just like to see him in a full butler uniform.

Miki Maya as Choi Seo-Hee

Choi Seo-Hee (Bae Hye-sun) was a nobleman’s wife. After she gave birth to a girl instead of a boy, her child gets taken away from her. Her husband also slept with another woman to have a baby boy. Seo-Hee gets driven to insanity after her daughter’s death and gets killed by her husband’s men. She vows to take the heir of the family with her to the afterlife.

Miki Maya always struck me as a motherly-type character. From the dramas I’ve seen, she’s always the supportive type. I would like to see her in a more revengeful character while maintaining that supportive vibe.

Yutaka Takenouchi as Kim Seon-bi

Kim Seon-bi (Shin Jung-geun) is the bartender of Hotel del Luna. He lived as a scholar during the Joseon dynasty. He committed suicide after being removed from his position because he wrote stories about commoners.

Kim Seon-bi is sort of a comedic character in the show. He’s easily scared of Man-Wol, but he truly cares about his co-workers. I know Yutaka Takenouchi from BOSS, where his character was not over the top comedic. He also had great chemistry with Amami Yuki, who was his boss.

Komatsu Nana as Princess Song-hwa / Lee Mi-ra

Lee Mi-ra (Park Yoo-na) is the reincarnation of Princess Song-hwa. Song-hwa was a princess who was attracted to Chung-myung and later married him. She oversaw the killing of Man-Wol’s clan and was killed by Man-Wol in revenge. As Mi-ra, she is Chan-sung’s ex-girlfriend who returns to Korea to rekindle the romance but ends up as Park Young-soo’s girlfriend.

I actually haven’t seen Nana’s work, but she looks like she has a very strong personality. Princess Song-hwa is cold and ruthless. There’s something about Nana that screams royalty.

Yoshizawa Ryo as Yeon-woo / Officer Park Young-soo

Yeon-woo (Lee Tae-sun) was the co-leader of the bandits with Man-Wol and is like a surrogate brother to her. He was captured and killed under Go Chung-myung. Yeon-woo is reincarnated as Officer Park Young-soo, who later becomes Mi-ra’s boyfriend.

This is strictly based on appearances. I strangely think that Yoshizawa Ryo would make a good officer.


If we’re talking about OSTs, Utada Hikaru should definitely be on the list. Hotel del Luna has many melancholic OSTs, and I’ve always enjoyed Utada Hikaru’s slower songs. Her voice sort of reminds me of Punch who sang “Done For Me” for Hotel del Luna.

Others would include Crystal Kay and Che’Nelle. Both of them have soulful voices, which would bring out the emotional impact of the songs.

There have been remakes from time to time. And maybe, just maybe, Hotel del Luna would get a remake done with class one day.

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