Would Cells at Work characters be idols or actors?

I have no decent blog post ideas, thus this post is born.

An idol is known as “a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.” In this post, I’ll be talking about Kpop idols.

Kpop idols often undergo extensive training in dance, vocals, and foreign languages and debut in groups or as a soloist.

Red Blood Cell


Red blood cell is clumsy but works extremely hard. She’s very devoted to her job. Her personality is also bubbly and cheery. She wouldn’t be the youngest in the group, but she would constantly be taken care of by the others in the group, including the youngest member. They would have a concept reminiscent of the early days of TWICE.

White Blood Cell


He would pass for an idol too. But I see him more as an actor loved by everyone due to his reserved personality. His early projects would be romantic comedies and gradually branch into action and crime shows. City Hunter, anybody?

Killer T Cell


His personality in the show is obnoxious and quick-tempered. But when it comes down to it, he does work well with others. I strangely think that he would be the funny one out of the group, making this his redeeming quality to fans. I would imagine a concept like Bomb Bomb by KARD.


Veteran actress or soloist.

With someone as boss as Macrophage, she would be a veteran in her field. Even if she was part of a group, she would be the leader. Her songs would be soulful and full of meaning. In her roles, she would be the CEO or even the misunderstood antagonist. She knows what she wants, and she’ll do anything to get it.

Cancer Cell


I strangely think that Cancer Cell would have a boyish charm that would be popular with fans. Maybe it’s the hair. He would be the center of the group, and their choreography would go viral on TikTok.

NK Cell

Actress or soloist rapper.

She would take a lot of antagonist roles or roles that represent strong, independent women. If she were to pursue a singing career, I would think she would be someone like Jessi with a little bit of Hyuna’s vibe.


Accidental idols.

They would be interested in idol groups and attempt to learn their choreography at a young age. When this gets uploaded onto the Internet, everyone’s gushing over their looks and dance skills. They eventually reach 1M subscribers. They might even get invited to a variety show or two.

B Cell


B cell would be the comedian of the group, and he always wants to make his members laugh. His group would have moderate popularity, but they’re growing with every comeback.

And… That’s It

This was a quick, fun post to write. I really miss this series… and I hope season two come soon.

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