Anime characters I would love to see in a show together

As I wait for Cells at Work Season 2 to come out on Netflix, I decided to write this fun, light anime post to keep me entertained. Hopefully, you guys also find it interesting.

Levi & Light

Pitting intelligent people against each other in a battle of wits would the most entertaining and exciting show for me. I think Levi is overall a pretty well-rounded character. Still, I wonder how his cold and off-putting personality would do against Light’s ruthless nature.

Regardless if Light joins the Special Operations Squad, I definitely think he would do some digging of his own to discover the traitors. If we are talking about the Light before getting his hands on the Death Note, I think he and Levi would make a pretty good squad. But, if we are talking about the Light after losing his humanity, there would definitely be secrets and backstabbing going on.

In a way, Levi’s considered a lunatic. While I haven’t kept up with Attack on Titan, from what I’ve seen, he seems like the type of person to kill without question. Levi sticks to his decisions and has confidence in them. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if he kills Light if Light was a traitor regardless of their relationship.

Luna & Kero

It would be entertaining to see all the talking animals from anime in one show. It would be the next Animal Kingdom. Luna is polite, respectful, and generally gives good advice. Kero is more demanding, bossy, but genuinely caring.

It would be fun to see them switch Masters for a day and see how Luna and Kero’s personalities contrast Usagi and Sakura. I can imagine Usagi going crazy. Sakura and Luna would hit it off.

Since Luna and Kero are both guardians, I’d imagine both would teasingly complain about their respective Masters to each other. I think Luna wouldn’t take Kero that seriously but would give him some kind of advice. Kero would just offer Luna sweets.

Momoi & Gou

I think these two have a lot in common. Momoi’s often worried about Aomine. Gou is usually concerned about Rin. They also have similar personalities. They’re both managers of their respective clubs, so they would have a lot to talk about.

Gou would probably benefit a lot from learning about Momoi’s analytical skills. If these two were to switch teams for a day, Momoi would get a vacation, but Gou would have a more challenging time keeping up with Tōō Academy. Regardless, I think these two would be great friends.

Kuroko & Hinata

Imagine all the main protagonists from sports animes coming together for a show. I really wonder how that will turn out.

While their personalities are entirely different, I strangely think these two would become friends after a while. They’re both incredibly passionate about sports, and Kuroko’s quiet nature balances out Hinata.

Though I would think Hinata would have to try a little harder to get Kuroko into volleyball. But Kuroko teaching Hinata basketball wouldn’t be too difficult.

Kaiba & Mikasa

If we put Mikasa’s “obsession” with Eren aside, she’s a powerful female character. And I wonder how their character dynamic would change if these two ever met. Or how their chemistry would turn out.

This pairing would probably be one for the fanfics.

Any More?

What anime characters would you like to see in a show together?

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