Sit Down and Have a Cup of Tea: 2020 Year In Review

This is my first time doing something like a year in review. And, if 2020 wasn’t what it was, I don’t think I would be writing this post. If anything, this year definitely deserved a reflection.

This post won’t just be reflecting on this blog but also a little bit about myself.

This year was the year that I actually put effort into this blog. The year that I interacted the most with the blogging community and saw more familiar names here and there on my posts.

I expanded my posts to include more of my interests, like Kpop. I also saw an increase in engagement and followers. So, I’m thankful for that. This blog reached over 200 followers just in time for the end of the year. And, I think that’s a pretty good way to end the year.

While I may not have taken blogging seriously in the past, I find a lot of enjoyment in it now.

This year I am thankful to get the opportunity to work on a visual novel with a company from scratch. I’ve mentioned previously that I always wanted to work on a project like this as a side hustle, and I’m glad that I took the chance. It’s my first time doing something like screenwriting, and I definitely want to do more of these types of projects in the future.

You can expect similar content from what you’ve been seeing in 2021. However, I may drop an occasional personal post like “Growing Up Chinese-Canadian” in my new Spill the Tea series to reflect more of who I am.

I have a few more personal stories that I wouldn’t mind sharing. Maybe it would help someone out there who’s going through a similar situation or help someone who went through something similar understand why they did what they did.

Before I end this post, I want to mention two random things that I just want to point out.

This year was the year that I finally listened to BTS, and it was one of the best decisions I made this year.

One thing I’m looking forward to in 2021 is Cells at Work! Season 2. I’m super excited about this, and you’ll definitely be seeing a post of two related to this.

And, that’s it from me.

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