My Squad for Sweet Home

I’ve been watching Sweet Home, a South Korean Netflix series where people turn into monsters which take the form of their hidden desires.

It’s such a binge-worthy show. And while I could gush about this show for hours, that will be saved for another post. This post will be talking about my ideal squad to fight monsters in Sweet Home.

L – Death Note

If you watched Death Note, does this need an explanation? While L doesn’t look like he has a lot of physical strength, his analytical and meticulous personality would likely come in handy in tight situations.

If there are traitors within the group, he would probably be the first to sense it.

Mikasa – Attack on Titan

Mikasa would definitely be a strong asset to the team. Her combat skills would be extremely useful.

I was originally going to pick Levi, but Mikasa would likely be more cooperative in a group of strangers and collaborate better with each other too.

Rock Lee – Naruto

I think Rock Lee would be the most protective out of everyone in the group. No soul will be left behind.

I doubt anyone would complain about his skills too. He’s the entire package. Though, I would want the entire Team Gai squad.

Chopper – One Piece

I may have dropped One Piece, but Chopper has a special place in my heart.

His extensive knowledge of medicine would come in handy. His combat skills would also not disappoint.

Korosensei – Assassination Classroom

His weaknesses aside, I think Korosensei would be a strong asset to the team, especially his camouflage technique.

Though, I don’t think he would mix well with Mikasa.

And… That’s It!

Is anyone watching Sweet Home? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “My Squad for Sweet Home

  1. Protein! Im literally the slowest person to read posts, I read them a long time after they are posted, so I hope you don’t mind! I haven’t watched the Live-Action yet, but I did read the webtoon a while ago, and Im in love with this post, It’s so original! your squad could definitely survive with a high chance of survival.
    (If you don’t mind, could I do a post like this and credit you for it?)

    Liked by 1 person

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