TWICE (트와이스) ‘Cry For Me’ Quick Thoughts

Perhaps Kpop song reviews should be a regular thing on this blog now.

TWICE recently released a dance track that was ‘saved by performing on MAMA.’ TWICE first performed CRY FOR ME on MAMA, and I guess it was so well received that they released the official version on December 18.

Plain and simple, I love this track. I like it so much better than ‘I Can’t Stop Me.’ When they performed CRY FOR ME on MAMA, I wondered why I had never heard this song before.

The song lyrics are darker compared to TWICE’s usual concepts. While TWICE’s songs usually talk about the heart-fluttering feelings of love, CRY FOR ME talks about how love slowly makes you lose your mind. You hate someone but love them at the same time.

The bass slaps in this track, bringing out that ‘darker’ aspect of the song. The chorus is also extremely catchy, which is what TWICE’s songs are known for.

CRY FOR ME could be a title track. It’s a strong single that doesn’t stray too far from TWICE’s image but adds a bit of spice.

I think there were concerns about how TWICE’s image would change as they mature. Because they obviously wouldn’t keep their ‘innocent-candy-pop’ image forever. CRY FOR ME is a perfect example of how they could transition into something darker and different.

Take a listen to the masterpiece below:

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