Let’s Celebrate Christmas: A Christmas Activity With Kpop Idols (+tags)

It’s about a week until Christmas, and I’m sure it will feel and look different for so many people this year. I recently made an anime edition for this post, so you can check it out here.

I remember that IU, BTS, and some popular Korean actors recently topped the polls for most wanted people to spend Christmas with. And I generally agree with the public. But I decided to take it a little further by specifying what activities I would want to do with one of my favorite people.

Hopefully this brings a little light and joy to the cold winter season.

Singing Christmas Karaoke With BTS

I would definitely choose their latest holiday remix of Dynamite to sing. And who wouldn’t want a mini concert from BTS? Miss you, Yoongi.

Making Ugly Sweaters With IU

IU has this calm and reassuring vibe that I can’t explain. She’s amazingly talented, and I’ve been standing her since I was in junior high. I think she would really enjoy doing something like this.

Doing Gingerbread House Competitions With NCT

Could you imagine the chaos? Not sure how this would work with 23 members, but it would be a fun and chaotic day, that’s for sure.

Sledding With Stray Kids

I could just imagine the chaotic things that would happen. People squeezing into one sled or purposefully pushing each other off the hill before they’re ready. It’ll be a fun day, that’s for sure.

Decorating Christmas Cookies With Chungha

I didn’t become a fan of Chungha until later. But, I recently listened to a podcast called Dive Studios where she was a guest.

She has such a “uwu” personality. That’s weeb talk for cute. Anyway, she’s a amazing artist, and I can’t wait for her new album to drop. But, until then, get well soon, Chungha!

Decorating the Tree With TWICE

If you read my anime edition, this was supposed to be watching holiday movies. But I changed it up a bit to be a more hands-on activity.

TWICE has put out their personal merchandise before, and I think they would be really creative in decorating the Christmas tree. I mean, the star could be replaced with their light stick, and I wouldn’t mind.

Spread the Holiday Cheer

So, here’s me passive aggressively trying to get people into the holiday spirit.

Unbothered Unnies @ Unbothered Unnies

hallyureviews @ hallyureviews


hayleigh @ Drama Rambles

If you know of any Kpop blogs, let me know! I’ve been looking for more Kpop blogs to follow.

Hope everyone’s having a safe and happy holidays (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

2 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Christmas: A Christmas Activity With Kpop Idols (+tags)

  1. Love this haha. Honestly I’m up for any kind of competition with NCT cause you know things will escalate into a complete mess (but a fun one). Jung Jaehyun, I will fight you one day.

    Liked by 1 person

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