Let’s Celebrate Christmas: A Christmas Activity With An Anime Character (+tags)

It’s about a week until Christmas, and I’m sure it will feel and look different for so many people this year.

I’ve been thinking on what kind of Christmas post I want to do this year not that I did one before. And this is what came to mind. Hopefully this brings a little light and joy to the cold winter season.

I’ll drop a game and K-pop edition one too because content y’know. Anyways, enjoy!

Christmas Karaoke With Mitsuki

Maybe she’ll teach me a few tricks of how to sing better.

Making Ugly Sweaters With Gaara

Gaara will always remain a favorite. His character growth is one of the best ones I’ve seen. I think he would be totally down for a relaxing activity like this.

Gingerbread House Competitions With Kero

I think I would stand a good chance of winning against Kero because he would just eat it rather than build it.

Sledding With Team Gai

Team Gai is my favorite team in Naruto, and that will never change. I couldn’t pick just one of them.

Decorating Christmas Cookies With Sebastian

Even though I dropped Black Butler, Sebastian was my favorite character. I would think he’s pretty good at cooking, and I would be curious to see what designs he comes up with.

Watch Holiday Movies With Hikaru & Kaoru

Hikaru & Kaoru were my favorites in Ouran High School Host Club. Though, I’ve come to like Kaoru more over time. But, both of them will have a special place in my heart.

Spread the Holiday Cheer

So, here’s me passive aggressively trying to get people into the holiday spirit.

Irina @ I drink and watch anime

eggheadluna @ Egghead Luna’s Blog

Scott @ Mechanical Anime Reviews

Eggsandwich04 @ KS Blogs

Mallow @ Secluded Observation

Megan @ A Geeky Gal

Hope everyone’s having a safe and happy holidays (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

14 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Christmas: A Christmas Activity With An Anime Character (+tags)

      1. I am not a violent person either but when I tried knitting once I really wished I could shove those things.. somewhere! (To be fair I was taught by a very impatient person who had NO understanding for my poor motor skills, I wanted to stop and they refused to let me) I wanted to stick the needles in evil place. .and I don’t mean down the rear.. but go full Egyptian on their touchie!.. Egypt has plenty of send.. so I can see Gaara lose it the same way xD


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