Character Kpop Playlist – Momoi Satsuki

This is high-key becoming my go-to post for when I run out of ideas.

Momoi is a character from Kuroko no Basuke. She’s girly with great analytical skill. She falls in love easily and cares deeply for her friends.

Let’s take a look at Momoi’s K-pop playlist.

  • As If It’s Your Last – Blackpink

I think Momoi would like Blackpink. Blackpink has a lot of girly and “pretty savage” songs. As If It’s Your Last is one of the group’s girlier songs. Personally, I love it’s funky vibe.


Who wouldn’t fangirl over these guys? They’re cute, fresh, and their songs are amazingly catchy.

  • What is Love? – TWICE

A cute concept with an innocent vibe.


A song that talks about waiting and admiring for the person you love.

Side note: I love this song’s disco vibe. The music video is also so captivating.

  • Happiness – Red Velvet

A song that’s perfect for summer and fits Momoi’s bright personality.

And… That’s It!

I have a feeling that Momoi would prefer younger groups to older groups. She would always have a soft spot for the youngest member.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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