Let’s Get Controversial: Unpopular Opinions Tag

Thank you to Kirito Narukami for tagging me! Kirito Narukami is an anime blogger who does reviews and other creative content. So, if you’re looking for another anime blogger to follow, you know where to look.

I’ll stick to the anime theme, but I might recreate this later to games or shows.

Popular series I don’t like: Sweat & Soap

After giving it some thought, no anime series comes to mind that I dislike. There are many that I never got into. But none that I flat out dislike.

I recently discovered a manga called “Sweat & Soap,” which raised so many red flags that I decided to name this one as a popular series I don’t like.

If you want to know why I dislike it, you can read my thoughts on it here.

Popular movie I like, but everyone seems to hate: Detective Conan Movies

I had a hard time answering this one. I ended up putting the Detective Conan movies because I don’t think it gained any real recognition (at least in the international community).

I’ve never seen anyone talk badly about the Detective Conan movies, but there are so many anime movies that get much more love. An example would be the Ghibli films. But, they get so much love for good reason.

I think it’s because Detective Conan has been around for so long that people don’t pay much attention to it anymore.

For me, I watch a few episodes, drop it for a few months, and come back to catch up. It’s so easy to get invested in other content that you forget about long-running series during that time.

Detective Conan occasionally comes out with a movie, but it just seems to get pushed to the back burner because of how many new series or movies come out. It’s getting pretty saturated, in my opinion.

You can argue that it’s a good or a bad thing, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Love triangle where the character didn’t end up with the character I wanted: Fruits Basket

I chose Fruits Basket just because I like Yuki’s character more than Kyo’s. So, I would naturally want Toru to end up with Yuki. But I see why Toru would end up with Kyo, and I’m glad Yuki found his happiness.

Popular genre you hardly watch: Action

I prefer watching slice-of-life, modern-day shows, movies, anime. Usually, action is paired with something like crime or detective, which are genres I love. I prefer action to be the sub-genre.

But if it’s only action, I rarely go for it unless I’m super interested in the plot. An example would be some of the Resident Evil movies. But, this is because I love the games.

Popular show or series I can’t get into: Dragonball Z

When I was younger, I’ve watched snippets here and there of Dragonball Z. But for some reason, I could never get into the story.

Some other popular classics like Naruto and One Piece were series that I followed for a while before I ultimately dropped it. But even then, I still kept up with it for some time. With Dragonball Z, I don’t think I’ve continuously watched more than two episodes.

I only remember Goku, Vegeta, a girl with short blonde hair, an alien-like character with an antenna coming out of his head, and a green guy off the top of my head.

Other animes that I couldn’t get into were Code Geass, Gundam Seed, and Bleach.

Beloved character you don’t like: Usagi

I was really into Sailor Moon as a kid. When my dad banned me from watching it, I was devastated. But I later understood why. Now, I never finished Sailor Moon, so I don’t know Usagi’s character development. So, this is strictly from what I remember her as a kid.

As I got older, I never understood why Usagi seemingly kept relying on others to save her. She’s also ditzy and… apparently has an incredible amount of luck.

Nowadays, these types of characters are frowned upon. At least, to me. As a child, I loved the magical girl concept, so I was also so into Card Captor Sakura. But today, I much prefer Card Captor Sakura to Sailor Moon.

Popular show or movie I have no interest in seeing: Demon Slayer

I’ve heard things here and there about this series. But, no matter how good or bad, I never had an interest in seeing it.

Maybe it’s because it’s action, haha. But who knows? I might pick this up in the future. There’s a timing for everything, and maybe now is not the time for me to pick this up.

Popular show or movie I prefer over the book: Free!

I picked Free! because the anime is adapted from a light novel. I’ve never read the light novel, and I don’t think I will pick it up soon… or maybe ever.

When it comes to anime, if it has a manga I don’t read it unless I need to know more about what happens later. I think this point is an unpopular and controversial point on its own. But I usually just stop when the anime ends. Please don’t come after me.

Some examples that I went and read the manga include Kimi ni Todoke, Zombie-Loan and Gakuen Alice.

Popular anime I prefer over the manga: Attack on Titan

I only finished season one of Attack on Titan. When I started watching season two, I wondered how the heck I managed to make it through season one.

I’m sure the manga has more depth than the anime, but this is one series that I don’t think I’ll go and read the manga because I’m not that into it anymore. Though, I do like to read snippets of what’s happening every now and then.

Other examples that I wouldn’t go and read the manga are Boruto, Detective Conan, and One Piece.


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  1. Also I think that’s what makes Usagi endearing, her ditzyness. And yeah, that is a point about sailor moon. Lot of luck and reliance on others. But I think it just adds to her endearment.

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