Who I Want for Roommates or Neighbours in Quarantine (Game Edition)

The third installment to “What if I could have any roommate or neighbour I want during quarantine?” This one features game characters.

K.K Slider – Animal Crossing

Does this one even need an explanation?

A girl can dream.

Trucy Wright – Ace Attorney

Trucy is a magician, and I’m sure her tricks will keep everyone entertained.

Her famous tricks include Mr. Hat (the one above) and pulling random things out of her “Magic Panties.” Yes, you read that right.

Theodore – Persona 3 Portable

I’ve never played Persona 3 Portable, but I did play Persona Q, and I adore Theodore. Persona Q is a spin-off game that features characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden. Side note: They came out with Persona Q2, and I am devastated that I don’t have my Nintendo 3DS with me to play.

Excuse me, what?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Theo’s personality is slightly different than his actual game, but I love his politeness and how he easily he gets easily bossed around by his sisters. But, clearly in Persona 3 Portable, it doesn’t seem that way.

Rebecca Chambers – Resident Evil

Rebecca graduated with a Chemistry degree when at 18 years old, and she was assigned to STARS at the Raccoon Police Department.

I really liked her and Billy’s teamwork in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. She really holds her own and is one of the best female game characters I’ve ever came across.

And… That’s It!

It’s winter now, so hopefully everyone’s staying warm and cosy. Don’t forget to spread a little holiday cheer~

Since BTS recently released their Dynamite (Holiday remix), we can jam out to that. (¬‿¬)

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