BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Life Goes On’ Thoughts

I normally don’t do song reviews, but I wanted to jot down my thoughts on BTS’s latest comeback, Life Goes On.

Before Life Goes On was even released, I thought it would be similar to Spring Day, a slow but powerful song. While Life Goes On has a similar vibe, it delivers a strong nostalgic vibe. Life Goes On is like watching home videos and reflecting on the past. On the other hand, Spring Day is like moving on from a traumatic event, which explains why that song has more oomph to it.

Everything is toned down in Life Goes On. The melody reminds me of calm ocean waves lapping the shore, and the chorus is perfect for summer bonfire nights. The raps are also less powerful than Spring Day but perfectly match the simple vibe of Life Goes On.

I’ve seen some reviews saying that Life Goes On lacks impact. And I agree with that. There wasn’t a moment in the song that really stood out to me. The melody isn’t remarkable either, and while the rap is amazing, it doesn’t pack a punch.

However, Life Goes On is very consistent. I think BTS did a fantastic job delivering their message in their lyrics, melody, and music video. Life isn’t supposed to be remarkable. The treasures of life are the small moments, and in the end, we all eventually go with the flow of life.

What I love about the music video are the everyday moments. Jimin brushing his teeth. Jungkook looking out the window. V driving on the highway. And the members hanging out with each other, playing video games, and eating together. As I said, it feels very nostalgic.

But what surprised me at the end was the members singing in an empty stadium, which was most impactful to me. They are artists. And that scene did a fabulous job of showing rather than telling their struggle during this pandemic. I also love how that scene was the only one shot in black and white. It’s also my favourite scene.

I love Life Goes On, especially the chorus. It’s calming and soothing. It’s a song that you can drive to or have on replay as you go about your day. It’s an ‘everyday’ song that captures the importance of the mundane moments of life.

Check out Life Goes On below.

Now, for a completely fangirl review. I am so happy that Jin has so much screen time. J-Hope is also growing so much on me. I didn’t think it was possible to love him even more.

A round of applause for everyone who participated in this album. I love all of the songs, especially Stay, Telepathy, Dis-ease, and of course, Dynamite. But Stay hits different, and Jungkook’s voice is gold.

Anyway, thanks for reading! And… GO STREAM LIFE GOES ON!

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