Character Kpop Playlist – Tachibana Makoto

There are so many comebacks and debuts happening in the Kpop world… I’m ready for it. Let me know whose comeback or debut you’re looking forward to.

Makoto is one of the major characters from Free!, an anime series that focuses on swimming. He’s like a gentle giant with a huge soft side for his friends. I believe he goes on to be a teacher, but I think he would also make a really good therapist. I think Makoto would really like ballads, so I think he would be a big IU fan.

If Makoto had a K-pop playlist, I think these songs would definitely be on it.

  • Goodbye Winter – Day6

I loved this song the first time I heard it. The soft rock-ish vibe and the members’ strong vocals make this song golden.

On a side note, I’m eagerly anticipating Day6’s comeback with all 5 members.

  • Blue Hour – TXT

This song is funky and catchy. It’s chill and groovy and doesn’t come off strong but still incredibly memorable.

This song really grew on me. While I didn’t like it as much when I watched the MV, I instantly fell in love with it after just listening to the audio. Stan TXT.

  • I – Taeyeon

I think Makoto would like artists with strong vocals. There are so many songs that show off Taeyeon’s incredible range, but I is one of the happier songs.

Makoto would probably have a soft spot for female soloists like Taeyeon, IU, Chungha, Younha, and more. Because, like, same.


Similar to TXT’s Blue Hour, BBIBBI is groovy and catchy. It’s soft but strong.

It’s impossible to dislike IU.

  • Winter Flower – Younha feat. RM

Besides the strong vocals, I think the lyrics fit Makoto’s relationship with Haru. Makoto cares a lot for his friends, and he wishes that things can go back to the way it once was.

Now I will send forth my blue aroma with my branches
I’ll show you that there’s another sky
I’ll call forth the autumn that was once like you

Younha & RM

Younha was one of the first soloists that I got into. It’s great to see that she’s still making music.

And… That’s It!

I think Makoto would also be a fan of BTS because of their meaningful lyrics and song variety. Gou and Nagisa would probably want to teach him TWICE choreography since they know Makoto will eventually get into it.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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