Character Kpop Playlist – Matsuoka Rin

I might as well do all of the Free! characters at this point.

Rin is one of the major characters from Free!, an anime series that focuses on swimming. He’s more emotional than Makoto or Haru and shows it more too. Rin’s also competitive and playful, though I guess he can be classified as a “bad boy,” especially at the beginning of the series. He’s soft but with punk, skater boy vibes, if that makes sense.

If Rin had a K-pop playlist, I think these songs would definitely be on it.

  • Back Door – Stray Kids

I’ve been obsessed with this song. It grew on me in ways I never imagined. It’s catchy with a hip-hop vibe. It’s a little bit punkish too.

On a side note, I’m surprised that Stray Kids wasn’t nominated for Artist of the Year at this year’s MAMA awards.

  • Make A Wish (Birthday Song) – NCT U

This song has a sensual and sexy vibe. The bass is also super catchy. You’ll be bobbing your head to the chorus.

Imagine Rin trying to learn the dance.

  • Tiger Inside – SuperM

The vibe of this song screams ‘I’m a boss.’ But not in an arrogant way. I love the instrumental and the lyrics which I think suit Rin’s personality well.

“I won’t bite you if you let me be
I bring out my teeth when you get on my nerves
Don’t try to tame me anymore
Don’t tie me, tie me up, tie me, tie me up”


I think Kai would be one of Rin’s favourites. On a side note, I love the outfits in this MV.

  • Gogobebe– Mamamoo

I think Rin would be a big fan of badass girl groups. And who could be more badass than Mamamoo.

It’s impossible to dislike these talented women. I think Rin’s favourite would be Hwasa or Moonbyul, and his guilty pleasure would be Solar.

  • Spring Day – BTS

Spring Day is such a versatile song. You can interpret the lyrics to fit the difficult situations we all face in life. I think it could be used to describe Rin and Haru’s friendship throughout the show.

I try to exhale you in pain
Like smoke, like white smoke
I say that I’ll erase you
But I can’t really let you go yet


On a side note, Spring Day is one of the many favorite songs by BTS.

And… That’s It!

Groups like Red Velvet and Itzy would probably be Rin’s guilty pleasures, and Gou would tease him about it.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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