Who I Want for Roommates or Neighbours in Quarantine (Kpop Edition)

The second installment to “What if I could have any roommate or neighbour I want during quarantine?” This one features Kpop artists.

Jackson – Got7

I wasn’t a fan of Jackson until later on in his career. On variety shows, he’s always the clown. jokester, or the flirt. Sometimes it was a little over the top, but when I saw him on interviews, I love his down-to-earth and well-spoken personality.

Besides Got7, I love how he’s also doing his own thing. The guy’s also doing his own music and started a streetwear merchandise business under the name “Team Wang”, and it’s lit.

There wouldn’t be a boring moment if Jackson is around.


I’ve always been a huge fan of IU. She’s incredibly talented, generous, and humble.

We would just chill out and do some cooking together. ≧◡≦

If I could choose only one fan meet to go to, I think I would choose IU.


Even when I wasn’t into BTS, I’ve always admired RM on his leadership skills and work ethic. While all the BTS members are inspirational in every way, RM must have been under so much pressure as he’s the leader.

He’s so well-spoken and carries himself so well. I’d like to have a conversation with him about anything. Even if it’s something completely random, he’ll probably have some philosophical insights or we’ll just have a good laugh.

RM is also friends with Jackson, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen these two together. ╥﹏╥

With that being said, I’m looking forward to BTS’s next album in November!

Mina – Gugudan

I was never interested in Gugudan. But then I saw Mina’s performance on Hotel del Luna, and she killed it. She also seems like a bubbly and outgoing person. And then I saw her on Produce 101, and loved her personality.

While I’m not sure how her music career is going, I would love to see Mina in more films, since she clearly has the talent to launch an acting career. Mina’s also a fan of IU, and to reunite these two again would be magical.

And… That’s It!

I feel like this whole thing was just me wanting more interaction between specific idols. And I’ll just sit there and fangirl at all of them.

Anyway, as the weather gets colder, stay safe, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Who I Want for Roommates or Neighbours in Quarantine (Kpop Edition)

  1. If I needed a kpop roommate I would go with Mark or Lucas from NCT, Baekhyun (his new song Candy is GOLD) or Kai from Exo, or IU (such a queen).

    Anyways, seeing that you are kind of…lol well rounded in this aspect, could you recommend any wholesome and good manga/anime books or series? I went to go watch Naruto and was caught is the sixy jutsu from the first episode. XD my mom was not happy.

    Also, three words. TARO MILK TEA.

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    1. MARK LEE. The bias. I haven’t read a new manga or watched a new anime in a while lol. The most recent one I read wasn’t that great. But one of my favorite animes is How to Keep a Mummy

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