Who I Want for Roommates or Neighbours in Quarantine (Anime Edition)

What if I could have any roommate or neighbour I want during quarantine?

This’ll turn into a small series: Drama Character Edition, Game Edition, Kpop editions, and book editions are expected to follow!

Gavin – MLQC

Okay, this is kind of cheating. Gavin’s actually from a dating sim called Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. However, the game’s been made into an anime. So… I win.

Gavin’s a police chief, but also a ball of fluffy goodness. He likes to fly everywhere, which could be useful for social distancing. And, well, it would be kind of cool if he delivered groceries to you through your window.

Rock Lee – Naruto

I will forever Rock Lee, so it’s natural to want him as a roommate or a neighbour during these crazy times.

He would be so encouraging, and I don’t think you would get fat with him around. I mean, he would probably work out whenever he could and would bother or encourage you to work out too. I assume he would always have your best interests at heart… even if his enthusiasm would drive you crazy.

Taniyama Mai – Ghost Hunt

I watched Ghost Hunt a long time ago, and after a while, I always come back to it. Mai, the protagonist, is a character I really enjoyed in the series.

She’s fun, kind, and loves ghost stories. And I always love a good ghost story. Plus, she can cook. Who wouldn’t want to have an extra cook in the house? She would probably be the neighbour who would make you cookies when you first move in.

Agasa Hiroshi – Detective Conan

This one’s a little strange, but Agasa loves inventing things. With him around, I think you can expect a lot of invention shenanigans and you’ll learn a thing or two from him too.

Agasa is fun, outgoing, and caring. In quarantine, I bet he’ll come up with and build a lot of different gadgets to keep everyone entertained. With him around, I’m almost certain there’ll never be a dull moment in the house.

Isao – How To Keep a Mummy

Does this even need an explanation?

And… That’s It!

While the world is slowly getting back to normal (can you even call this normal, though…), let me know who would you want as your quarantine buddies.

3 thoughts on “Who I Want for Roommates or Neighbours in Quarantine (Anime Edition)

  1. Nice picks!

    I’d have to go with
    -Usopp from One Piece for some epic stories
    -Kotori from Love Live to do Karaoke with
    -Nanana from Nanana’s burried treasure to have a gaming buddy.
    -Eucliwood Hellscythe from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka .. so if I end up sick she can always bring me back and she is nice and quite as well! Plus if we ever get tired of Usopp we can always bring him back as well…

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