Character Kpop Playlist – Usui Takumi

Usui Takumi is the male protagonist from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! For people not familiar with the anime or manga, Usui has always been talented. He develops an interest in Misaki when they’re in high school and later becomes her boyfriend and husband. Though I don’t know who I’m more envious of… They’re both pretty badass people.

If I could describe Usui Takumi using Kpop songs, these would be my picks.

  • So Hot – Wonder Girls

Does this need an explanation?

This song talks about how “hot” they are and how everyone’s eyes are on always on them. And, well, if you’ve seen the anime, that’s pretty much Usui’s entire existence.

I loved this song when it first came out. And it was the first song that I thought of for this guy. Huge shout out to the Wonder Girls ≧◡≦

  • Honey – Lay

This song is not in Korean, so it can’t be considered Kpop. But Lay is part of EXO, a popular Kpop group that still has a strong fandom after 10 years in the industry. So… just let me cheat here.

Honey is a sexy song. The lyrics are sexy with a flirty beat that you’ll be bobbing your head to in a matter of seconds. Anyway, I feel like this song is a fun way to describe Usui’s vibe and his growing interest in Misaki during high school.

  • Not Shy – Itzy

If I remember correctly, Usui’s blunt. He’s not someone to shy away from voicing his thoughts, and he’s determined to get what he wants. He loves teasing Misaki and his romantic interest in her is pretty obvious. So, there’s no better song for him than a song by Itzy, JYP’s funky badass girl group.

Not Shy talks about the girls openly expressing their romantic feelings for a special someone. They think they would make a great pair, and time passes anyway, so might as well just go for who you want.

  • Moon – Jin

Is it just me, or does BTS have songs that relate to all aspects of life? Anyway, I believe the anime ends with Misaki and Usui getting into a relationship. And I think this song is a fun fit for their dynamic. The beat is catchy with sweet lyrics. Usui loves to tease Misaki but he will always be there for her.

  • Euphoria – Jungkook (Eric Nam cover)

Jungkook from BTS originally sang this song. When I first heard it, it had such a youthful and refreshing vibe of a growing crush. But when I heard Eric’s cover, the vibe changed completely. Eric’s cover sounds mature and sounds like he’s reminiscing about the fun days of a solid relationship.

Misaki and Usui get married ten years later, and I can imagine this song playing at their wedding. Actually, this song is pretty much a wedding song.

Thanks for reading! I think I should make a Kpop category… Anyway, have you heard any of these songs before? Which one was your favourite?

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