Character Kpop Playlist – Nanase Haruka

I think this is just my way of spreading the love for the songs and characters I like. You can probably expect more of these soon.

If Nanase Haruka’s life had a Kpop playlist… what would it look like?

  • Empty – Jung Daehyun

In the beginning, Haru couldn’t move on from his past. Despite his promise to swim competitively against a friend, the swim team ends up breaking up. Haru also has a complicated past with an old friend, Rin.

When Haru beat Rin in middle school, Rin got so upset that he gave up swimming competitively. Haru takes it personally and gives up swimming.

Daehyun’s lyrics talk about being alone and missing the beautiful past; it also talks about how he’s unable to move on. I think it sums up well on how Haru must’ve felt during this entire ordeal of giving up swimming.

He loves it and enjoys it with his good friends. But the one thing he loved the most caused a rift between a good friend, and he just felt empty.

  • Friends – Jimin & V

The first season of Free! focuses on rebuilding the friendship between Haru and Rin. Haru becomes vice-captain of the Iwatobi Swim Club and has many setbacks with Rin throughout the first season. But during the prefectural tournament, Haru and the team remind Rin of their strong friendship through swimming. (Gotta love the cliché of sports anime.)

The lyrics to Friends talk about being frenemies. But they know everything about each other and stick with each other through thick and thin. They fight, yet they’re soulmates. I felt like Rin was sort of obsessed with Haru throughout the series.

In the beginning, Rin just wants to prove that he’s better than Haru and gets upset when Haru doesn’t try his best. Anyway, these two have a complicated relationship that’s like the one line from Friends.

“BFFs one day, enemies on another.”

  • Palette – IU feat. G-dragon

In Free! Eternal Summer, Haru faces a dilemma. He isn’t sure what he wants to do after high school. After the regionals, he becomes overwhelmed from the pressure from scouts and just what he wants to do. When Haru learns that his best friend, Makoto, is going to attend university in Tokyo, Haru just isolates himself and breaks all social contact.

IU’s Palette talks about learning about oneself. At least learning more about oneself. She mentions throughout the song that “I think I know myself a little more now.” Not a kid, but not quite an adult, and you’re stuck in this limbo.

I think it’s a good song, to sum up, Haru’s difficulties in season two. He’s not sure what he wants to do, but ultimately discovering that he wants to pursue swimming competitively (with the help of his friends, of course.)

  • Wave – ATEEZ

So, Haru’s life is not all doom and gloom. The entire anime is about the power of friendship, like with all sports animes usually. And, well, Ateez’s song has that refreshing and youthful vibe that talks about going through hard times together.

Side note: This song was my jam for a solid few months.

  • Mikrokosmos – BTS

In the third season, Haru meets Ikuya, the friend who he broke his promise to back in middle school. While Haru wants to make things right with Ikuya, there’s another person who’s preventing them from doing so.

The third season focuses on mending last relationships and moving on with individual goals. Haru decides he wants to become an Olympic swimmer; Makoto becomes a professional trainer. Rin returns from Australia to compete in the All-Japan International. The Iwatobi swim team is also in good hands.

Mikrokosmos talk about how there’s self-worth in every individual, and how everyone shines in their own ways. When Rin, Makoto, and Haru talk about their individual goals you can see how they’ve grown and their strong friendship despite going separate ways.

Side note: Mikrokosmos is one of my favourite BTS songs.

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