If BTS Were Otome Game Characters…

BTS High School inspired this post. It’s cringe, but hilarious… it definitely made my day. After watching it, I suddenly had an urge to read and write a cheesy school story.

BTS is a South Korean K-pop group that has achieved massive global success. They performed at the Grammys, MTV, AMAs, and more. They’ll be performing virtually at the VMAs this year. I’ve been listening to their latest single, Dynamite, on repeat since it came out. I’m living for the vibes.

Anyway, enjoy!


The one who lives a double life. A teaching assistant by day and an underground rapper by night. He’s smart and kind and wouldn’t mind teasing the main character from time to time. But he keeps the teasing at a minimum and always encourages and motivates you. THE ULTIMATE BIAS.

Synopsis: You are a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the country. A friend takes you to a bar one night and you take notice of a talented rapper who no one really knows. By chance, you discover that he’s the teaching assistant to one of your most difficult classes this semester. He knows that you know. But can you keep a secret?


The childhood friend and big-brother type. He’s dependable and loves to crack dad jokes whether the main character likes it. A bit of a romantic.

Synopsis: You are an only child, and Jin is a family friend. Because the two of you are close in age and have similar interests, you became close friends. But as both of you grew up, you drifted apart and went on your own paths. It wasn’t until the two of you reunite through a mutual friend in your late twenties. THE BIAS WRECKER.


The one who loves cracking jokes but hides his hardships. He is popular in school and gets along with everyone. Everyone says that he’s hardworking and a perfectionist. The one who likely teases the main character the most, but knows his limits.

Synopsis: Everyone knew J-Hope, but only a few really knew him. You weren’t a stranger to him, but you didn’t pay any special attention to him and neither did he. Until you caught him drunk one night, and he unknowingly reveals a side of him you had never seen before.


The cool, silent, and mysterious type. He’s the son of one of the richest people in the world. But V is very humble and shows that he is capable rather than leeching off of someone else’s efforts. In public, V’s a man of a few words. In private, he’s talkative and funny. He prefers small, private gestures of affection.

Synopsis: You recently got a promotion that requires you to move overseas. Halfway through the flight, you run out of books to read and ask your seatmate if you could read his book, not knowing that the person sitting next to you on the flight is your company boss’s son.


A flirty and determined type. He’s suave and charismatic. Many people describe him as a talented person who is a perfect example of that hard work is key to success.

Synopsis: You are a professional dancer who gets assigned a new dance partner for an upcoming project. He’s slightly younger than you, with less experience. But as you work together, you notice his dedication and passion in his work. And when the project ends, he asks you to be his mentor.


The one who is mature and dependable. A talented songwriter who wrote lyrics for many popular artists and bands. He gives wise advice and is a brilliant listener. A person who is self-aware and understands and works hard to overcome his limits.

Synopsis: You’ve always enjoyed writing. Eventually, you started writing songs throughout your university years to relieve stress. Recently, your brother and his fiancé encouraged you to perform a song you had written for them at their wedding. It would be your first performance ever. If you had known who would be a guest at their wedding, you would’ve backed out immediately.


A slightly childish individual who shows his mature charms only from time to time. When he gets comfortable with someone, he teases them often but doesn’t enjoy being teased back. He’s the youngest out of a family of four and works hard to not be a burden on his family.

Synopsis: You always saw Jungkook as the younger brother you’d never had. You went abroad for graduate school while he went abroad for his undergraduate degree. Now, both of you are in your last semesters. When you find out that both of you will return home for the summer, both of you make plans to meet up. And when you do, he was no longer the boy you once knew.

Final Thoughts

I had a lot of fun putting this together. I discovered BTS High School while watching a variety show they were on, and it was the best thing ever. (¬‿¬) The behind the scenes are also hilarious and worth a watch.

Also, be sure to check out BTS’s latest single, Dynamite. ♥‿♥

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