Spread the Love: The Super Happy Love Award

Thank you to Eggsandwich04 for tagging me and to Pinkie for creating the tag.


  • Thank the one who tagged you and if at all please tag the original post as well. This is my first blog tag and a bit of a passion project so I would like to see where it spreads! Oh and use Super-Happy-Love as a tag!
  • Display the Super Happy Love Logo in your post Share the rules!
  • Choose a minimum of 2 out of these 6 prompts to answer in this blog! More is always allowed! These six prompts are as follows!
    1. Tell about a person you love, this can be a friend, partner but also a celebrity or even youtuber who means a lot to you. As long as they once took breath on this earthly realm you are allowed to pick them… Tell us why you love them.
    2. Write something about a fandom or franchise you love. It can be your favorite game series or about just about anything that is bigger than just a single product! Tell us why you love this so much!
    3. Tell us something about a character that you love. Do you have a Waifu, a Husbando, maybe a mentor or someone who taught you a valuable lesson. Tell us why you love them.
    4. Tell us something about a piece of music that you love. Does a anime intro mean a lot to you? Did you have a special memory to a pop song, like your first dance at your wedding? Maybe a piece of video game music? If you love it, you should tell us why!
    5. Show us why you love a piece of media so much! A Book, A Game, A Anime, A Movie maybe even a random piece of fan art, you are free to pick as long as you can show us why you love it.
    6. Write something about yourself that you love! For those who like a challenge, there is a hard mode in this blog prompt as well. Tell us why you love a certain aspect of yourself
  • Put on your rose-tinted glasses. For once you are allowed to gush about the things that you love without having to balance it out with negatives so that you seem objective. In fact your are actively encouraged not to bring negativity into this tag. So no “Nowadays.. <topic>  is poopoo but back in my days.. .it was great. Just say it was great! Love is blind after all!
  • Tag 6 bloggers you love so they can take on this challenge as well.
  • Everyone who comments something lovely about your post ALSO gets nominated. (Should they so choose)

Tell Something About the Person You Love

My family, especially my father. He’s been with me through thick and thin, and I learned so much from him. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tell Something About A Franchise You Love

The Persona series. Everything about the game is so well executed. The art is fantastic. Every character has a distinct personality. The different themes the game explores isn’t half-assed. Also, I love the friendship of the group. While it can be cliché, it still warms your heart. And, well, you chuckle out of the cheesiness sometimes.

Tell Something About a Creator You Love

This one was supposed to be number 5. But, it’s hard to pick just one piece of media. So, I’ll tweak it a little bit to say a creator instead. And for this one, I pick guweiz. Her work is mindblowing. I love her use of dark colours and powerful-looking female characters.

Tell Something About Yourself That You Love

I love my personal growth throughout the years. I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments and all the challenges and opportunities that came my way.


Anyone who wants to spread a little love.

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