If Shoujo Boys Were a K-pop Group…

These are the thoughts that happen at midnight.

If Shojo boys from different anime were a K-pop group, what would they be called, what would their tracklist look like, what would each member’s position be?

General Info

Name: Spadez

Fandom Name: ACE

▶ Tracklist ▶

Album Name: It’z Our Time

  1. Boy With Luv – BTS (Title Track)
  2. Morning Call – Astro
  3. Baby – Astro
  4. Good For You – Eric Nam
  5. Confession – Astro
  6. Wave – ATEEZ

Kazehaya Shouta

Stage Name: Shouta

Nicknames: Sho

Position: Lead Vocalist / Sub Rapper

Usui Takumi

Stage Name: Takumi

Nicknames: Taku

Position: The Main Rapper / The Face of the Group

Mabuchi Kou

Stage Name: Kou

Nicknames: K, Chi-chi

Position: The Main Dancer / Sub Vocal

Hashiba Natsuki

Stage Name: Natsu

Nicknames: Pikachu, Shiba

Position: Maknae / Main vocal

Kiryu Zero

Stage Name: Ryu

Nicknames: Z

Position: Leader / The Lead Rapper

I’m strangely proud of how this turned out. No shame.

4 thoughts on “If Shoujo Boys Were a K-pop Group…

  1. Boy with Luv is my favorite pop song of now. You forgot to add Makoto Tachibana from free. He’s a cutie himself. If you also add gray in it this would be the world’s most famous pop group.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog although I have a doubt when you asked which anime squad I would like to be part of. Did you mean I should create my own anime squad or should I choose an anime universe to be in. Sorry I got a little confused that’s all/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Makoto will be in their brother group.

      And to answer your question: I meant the second one (choose an anime universe) but the first one sounds more interesting haha, so it’s the first one 😝

      Liked by 1 person

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