If TWICE Were Story Protagonists…

Welcome to my first K-pop related post. I had this idea for a while now, and it didn’t seem like it would go away anytime soon. So, I might as well write it out.

TWICE, who recently had a comeback with another mini-album, is a K-pop girl group under JYP Entertainment. Their recent title track, More & More, is incredibly catchy, and I highly recommend any fan of pop songs to check it out.

Their group concept is usually cute and innocent. However, they went for a hippy vibe with their recent comeback, and they pulled it off so well. Can you tell I am a fan yet? The group consists of nine members, four of whom are non-Korean.

This is just for fun. I obviously don’t know any member personally.


Nayeon is the group’s oldest member, and she seems to have a bolder personality than some of her groupmates. I also see her as outgoing, cheerful, and rationally outspoken.

Synopsis: As the school’s current student council president, Nayeon is admired by most of her classmates. She always ranks high in test score rankings and isn’t too shabby at sports. When a male transfer student starts to gain popularity for his smarts and athletic nature, Nayeon starts to see him as a threat, especially when he decides to run for student council president.


Jeongyeon seems responsible and motherly. If I remember correctly, one of the members mentioned that she sent a picture of dirty dishes to their group chat without saying anything. The motive was to get whoever it was to clean it properly.

Synopsis: After studying culinary in France, Jeongyeon returns to Seoul to open her dream bakery. She meets and hires a rookie chocolatier who has a one-sided love. As they work together, they start to change in unexpected ways.


Momo is TWICE’s main dancer. She’s Japanese, and she loves to eat.

Synopsis: Momo was excited to meet her new dance partner for the upcoming project. However, her excitement quickly faded when she realized that her new partner was the handsome stranger she childishly fought with when they grabbed the same bag of chips late one night.


Sana’s one of TWICE’s Japanese members. She also appears to be an extrovert. In many videos, she’s seen wanting to hug or kiss the other TWICE members. I have a feeling that she can easily switch her personality depending on the situation she’s in.

Synopsis: Sana got along with everybody. But when a seemingly scandalous photo of her with a stranger spreads on social media, everyone is quick to judge. Everyone except one.


Jihyo is TWICE’s leader. The members have also named her as being the smartest out of the group. As the leader, she obviously has a lot to deal with. When TWICE won the MAMA(?) award, she gave a brief speech. From the way she talks, I feel that she’s decisive and mature.

Synopsis: With her parents frequently absent for business trips, Jihyo bears the responsibility of ensuring her younger siblings are taken care of. Out of stress, she almost steals a book, but she gets stopped by the school’s bad boy. He promises to keep her secret if she tutors him.


Mina is Japanese, and she doesn’t talk a lot. When she does, her voice is elegantly soft. A lot of people say she looks like the daughter of a wealthy family. And I agree.

Synopsis: As a professional ballerina, Mina starts to contemplate her future, one that involves marrying her long-time boyfriend or one that involves standing on a global stage.


Dahyun catches people’s attention. To fans, her nickname is “tofu,” and she’s known for her pale skin. She’s also known to find cameras quickly. I find her to be quite quirky.

Synopsis: A young man receives an antique camera for his birthday. With every photo he takes, he sees a young woman with long hair and fair skin getting closer and closer to the camera.


Chaeyoung wrote the rap for a lot of TWICE’s songs. In variety shows, she tends to be soft-spoken, but after reading her interview for a magazine, I feel that she has a strong personality.

Synopsis: After winning a songwriting competition, Chaeyoung becomes the official songwriter for a band growing in popularity. She never knew she had to live with them too.


Despite being the tallest, Tzuyu is the youngest TWICE member. She’s also from Taiwan. Like Mina, she’s quiet and soft-spoken.

Synopsis: Despite being popular, Tzuyu had never been in a romantic relationship. Some of her classmates think her and the school’s handsome jock would make a great visual pair. But it wasn’t him she had her eye on.

Well, That Was Fun

I personally like Dahyun’s plot bunny the best. Let me know if you’re a fan of TWICE, and we can fangirl together.

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