When The Perfect Wife Just Isn’t Enough…

I recently finished The Perfect Wife by Blake Pierce, and I’m looking forward to picking up the next book in the series. Despite the book’s shortcomings, it was still a fast, fun read that keeps you engaged along the way.


Jessie Hunt and her husband, Kyle, move from a cramped Los Angeles apartment to a mansion on Westport Beach. Kyle’s promotion has them swimming in money, and Jessie is also close to finishing her Master’s degree in forensic psychology, the last step to her dream of becoming a criminal profiler.

But something is amiss in Westport Beach. Neighbours are hiding secrets, and Kyle is insistent on joining a club rife with cheating spouses. As Jessie unravels the secrets of Westport Beach, she’s also forced to face her past nightmares.


The beginning was slow, slow to the point that I abandoned this book for a while before picking it up again. Obviously, the plot picked up, or I probably wouldn’t be writing this review.

The plot was the book’s weakest point. It got predictable, and eventually, I started skimming just to see when Kyle would be caught in the act or reveal his true intentions.

Jessie, of course, had her suspicions about Kyle but never acted on them. You could say that she had difficulty coming to terms with what was right in front of her, despite being a strong profiler (as proven by her skills shown in class). But I guess that’s human. We all have trouble seeing what’s right in front of us sometimes.

However, not sure if anything would happen regardless if she took action sooner since the buildup was toward a different conclusion. A conclusion that explained Jessie’s past and her link with a past serial killer.

Regardless, I’m just glad it didn’t drag.

Jessie appears to be capable outside her relationship with Kyle, which made up for her cluelessness in her relationship. She stands her ground when engaging with a past serial killer and finds clues and hints through other means instead of direct confrontation. But her initial means of “helping” her neighbours with their cheating husbands weren’t the best.

Rather than the plot, the most exciting aspects were Jessie’s criminal profiling skills and her past. The author clearly did her research. So, Jessie’s criminal profiling skills had the merit to them. And everything ultimately links together to the revelation at the end.

Overall, I’m interested in picking up the next book. Jessie’s story is clearly not over, and I’m curious to see how her story unfolds with Kyle out of the way. Though, I do hope for stronger character development in the books to come.

If you’re a fan of mysteries, give this one a shot. It won’t blow your mind but it’s definitely worth a try.

3 thoughts on “When The Perfect Wife Just Isn’t Enough…

  1. Exactly what I think about it! I’m actually not done yet, about 20 pages left but ig Ik what’s in store. You should try giving books a star rating too! Thanks for sharing this, nice blog.

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