Thrive in Isolation: Quarantine Book Tag

Must-Have – A book you must have with you while quarantined.

Way too many choices. I decided to go with Battle Royale because it keeps you on your toes. It’s also longer than most books, which means you won’t feel the tinge of sadness creeping up on you anytime soon.

Isolation – A book where a group of people found themselves isolated from the world.

I decided to put a slight spin on this one. Initially, this one was supposed to be where the main character was mostly alone. Since no book came to mind, I turned it to the title above. Pretty sure most mystery lovers read this one, and for good reasons.

Binge Read – A long book series you’d recommend.

The Riddler’s Edge Cosy Mystery is a 7-book series told in the first person. I went with this series because it’s light and fun. The mysteries obviously change book to book, but all revolve around mysterious creatures. Definitely worth the time.

Toilet Paper – All the TP is gone! What book are you using?

I read this a long time ago and never finished it. I skipped toward the end just to see who the murder was. I wasn’t a huge fan of the main character and her tactics in finding out what was going on nor her personality. It didn’t add any brownie points that it was written in the first person.

Anti-viral – A book that went viral that you avoided or haven’t read.

I’m not sure why I never picked up on this. Maybe it’s because I thought the plot was too generic. It’s been a while, but at one point, I feel like everyone was talking about it. And then the movie came out, and the popularity grew even more. I may try this at one point.

Super Binge – What book and TV series combo would you recommend?

I watched the movies before reading the books. Both were very different but made sense in their own right. I highly recommend it, mainly because of its cast.

This tag was created on YouTube by BookNook. However, I first saw this tag on Madame Writer’s Quarantine Book Tag post. She has great recommendations, so be sure to give it a read.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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