Animé Childhood Crushes: Did It Last?


Emirichu’s Childhood Crushes Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 inspired this post. She’s an animation YouTuber, and her content is great. So, be sure to check her out! (I also have a crush on her voice.)

We’ve all had them. Those fictional, anime characters who made us feel a certain type of way. But as we grow older, do they last?

Below are a list of animé which I had a major crush on one or two characters when I was younger and whether I still feel a thing or two for them.


From Naruto, I loved Gaara and Sasori. I’m sure I speak for most people when I say Gaara was my go-to man. I wrote numerous fanfictions about them; one was about man-eating sushi.


I had this obsession with boys with red hair when I was younger. Not sure why. But if a 2D character usually had red hair, they were likely my favourite character.

Was it the eyeliner or the angst that made him so attractive? I’m not sure. Or maybe it was the hairstyle. For Sasori, I’m pretty sure it was the hair. After Sasori died, I stopped watching Naruto.

While I still love Gaara due to his character growth, Rock Lee skyrocketed to nearly the top of my list. Little me never appreciated how hardworking Lee is and acknowledged him only as an interesting, funny-looking boy who loves Sakura.

Though I never officially finished watching Naruto or Naruto Shippuden, I later realized how great of a character Lee is. His confidence really shines despite getting made fun of, and his quirky personality never changes due to someone else’s influence.

Rock Lee

Prince of Tennis

From Prince of Tennis, I loved Kikumaru Eiji, Marui Bunta, and Kirihara Akaya. Eiji and Marui also both have red hair. Eiji is extremely bubbly and optimistic. On the other hand, Bunta is a lazy, self-proclaimed genius who loves to eat. Akaya is a bit of a brat with so much tennis potential.

Little me loved Eiji’s energy. Always happy, always smiling, and loved to fool around. Regarding Marui, his laidback, carefree personality was an admirable quality. And how he occasionally used Jackal, his doubles partner, to get out of sticky situations was hilarious.

Marui Bunta

Akaya had this bad-boy vibe going on, and he’s slightly a tsundere (a person who’s initially cold but gradually shows a warmer, friendlier side.)

Though I still love these characters, they wouldn’t be my go-to people anymore. And while I don’t have any strong feelings for any character from this series, I have a new fondness for Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Chitose Senri simply because I enjoy their personalities.

Shiraishi Kuranosuke

They’re chill, responsible, and with a sense of humour. And that’s always a good combination.

Ouran High School Host Club

I haven’t met someone who’s into anime and hasn’t watched Ouran High School Host Club.

The Hitachiin twins were my people, specifically Hikaru. He was more emotional and childish than his twin brother, Kaoru. Little me was attracted to Hikaru’s devilish side and his voice. Again, who didn’t love a bad boy when they were young?

Hitachiin Twins

It’s been so long since I watched Ouran. Though little me loved Haruhi’s character, I have a new appreciation for her as I grew older.

I would also argue that she’s the most normal one out of all the characters in the series which ironically makes her stand out. I would actually love to be roommates with her. But the Hitachiin twins will always have a special place in my heart.

Wrap Up

It’s interesting to see how your preferences and opinions change as you get older. Who were some of your childhood crushes?

4 thoughts on “Animé Childhood Crushes: Did It Last?

  1. I agree with Gaara! I’m watching it all over and I’m at where he’s announced as one of the leaders for the war…definitely the best character growth. For Prince Of Tennis, Atobe was my crush. Yes he’s kind of extra, but the confidence, the fact that he was a great player, and his beauty mark 😂 How can one resist? Great post girl!

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  2. Same boat with Gaara in Naruto. I still consider him a personal favorite character tbh. He really embodied all the moody stuff I wanted to be like when I was little and then… showing positive growth from there. I can’t say we’re the same in that manner, but I like to think I modeled a little of my growth after him.

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