If Social Media Were People…【Free Verse】

social media poem


“Shh, don’t tell anyone,” you say.
A reassuring nod makes you feel at ease
until a few days later
you discovered your secret has spread
in which another innocuous
“I didn’t do it!”
makes you sigh and wonder
if some things are better left unsaid


The fabulous of the fab
who’s a walking fashion look book
for all seasons
Appearances are important
until you realize
there’s always more than meets the eye


You roll your eyes
as you watch another delighted smile spread
across your teacher’s face
the one who always has an answer
moreover, look the best put-together


“Show don’t tell,” was a phrase
you heard often
and a motto lived by the one
whose interests changes
like the seasons
we live by


You notice how short and sweet
the conversations are
always getting straight to the point
and you realize
you can only argue back
using similar tactics.

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