Webtoons to Die For (Pt. 2)


Before I stumbled across the little, green app that would change my life forever, I was always looking for something to read. Now, I’m exposed to thousands of great writers and artists to which I’m going to share a few with you guys. I also did a part one a few months ago, but the listed comics below are some of the ones I’m currently following. So, enjoy, peeps!

True Beauty – Yaongyi

Photo Credit: WEBTOON

Being the basic self that I am, I avoided reading this. Why? Because I thought it was too mainstream, cliché, and too “dramatic.” Yeah, I was wrong.

True Beauty talks about an “ugly” girl who masters the art of make-up after binge-watching online beauty videos. But how long can she keep her “elite self” a secret? What would her crush think of her if he ever saw her “true self?”

The storyline and characters aren’t new, but there’s something about this comic that makes it impossible to put down. Yeah, I know, that helps a lot.

Plotline aside, the main reason why I enjoy True Beauty is its great humour achieved through its character interaction.

All of the stereotypes appear in this: the clumsy but adorably naive female protagonist (Jugyeong Lim); the cool, calm, and collected handsome love interest (Suho Lee); the slightly more emotional and teasing second-lead (Seojun Han). Then you have the supportive best friend (Sua Kang) and the wolf in sheep’s clothing female “antagonist.” (Sujin Kang)

The arguably best parts of the comic are Jugyeong’s monologue and interactions with Suho and Seojun. While Jugyeong and Suho makes your heart flutter, she and Seojun makes you laugh at their cute chemistry.

True Beauty is one of the most popular webcomics on webtoon. With over millions of views, there’s also a fan-made dub on YouTube. So, if y’all are looking for rom-com to read… True Beauty’s your comic.

Bluechair – Shen

Photo Credit: owlturd

Random. This comic is just random. And it’s awesome.

Random, short, and hilarious moments with the author as the “protagonist.” There’s no plotline, but a series of meme-worthy shorts.

So, for anyone who’s not invested in reading a novel-like webtoon, Bluechair is equipped to meet all your humour needs. The author (Shen) also has a tumblr where aspiring creators can find some tips on tools and the like.

Cat’s Cafe – Matt Tarpley

Photo Credit: Cat’s Cafe Comics

This comic is so wholesome, it’ll give you cavities. But who’s complaining?

There’s not exactly a storyline to this. But it does revolve around a cat and his cafe, hence the name. You’ll meet other characters like a penguin, bear, etc., but they aren’t daily appearances. There’s no crude humour, only content that’s light, fluffy, and happy.

The Webtoon App

After reading so many great comics, I’ve been meaning to start my own. But… yeah… it’ll come eventually. Maybe. For now, I’m content being a fangirl reader on the other side.

Let me know your webtoon recommendations. If you aren’t even on webtoon, you be missing out on some great content.

Let me know your webtoon recommendations. If you aren’t even on webtoon, you be missing out on some great content.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Webtoons to Die For (Pt. 2)

  1. There’s tons of interesting stories in Webtoon. Lots of choices, and just never ending. I have been obsessed with this green app for so long now, and I can’t stop visiting it everyday. One of my most awaited Webtoon every week is God of Tower. It’s a bit too long to catch up to, but the plot is definitely to die for. If you are interested in adventure action, I recommend you to read it. And there’s some more; Eleceed, Unordinary, No scope, Dior. All of these are fantasy setting, except for no scope, which is about gaming.

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    1. I think I came across God of Tower before. What is it about? Omg Eleceed is great haha 😆 based on your preferences, you should try Code Adam. The art and story is amazing

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      1. Oh my god, silly me. It’s called Tower of God, not the other way round. 😅 It was said that the tower had everything you desire; power, wealth, immortality. Only those who are chosen can go through the adventure of climbing up the tower. One day, Rachel was sucked in into it. Bam, who was happily living with Rachel before she’s gone, decided to enter the tower to search for her. A lot of things happened after that, and I would like to rant about it as much as I can, but no. The real thing is better than my shit talk. The few first chapters would get confusing, but it get better and better. (And not to mention the art improvement. I’m crying. Season 2 is so gorgeous I cannot.) I’ve heard of Code Adam before. I would give it a try. 😁

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