Your Turn To Kill (Anata no Ban Desu) Review

Hello, world! It’s been a while, an even longer while since I did a review. But as I recently caught up with a mystery and thriller Japanese show, I decided to give my two cents simply because it was too good not to write something about it. While the last episode has yet to be subbed, I already know it’s going to be a hell of a rollercoaster ride.


Newlyweds Nana and Shota move into an apartment where Nana attends her first “residents’ meeting.” Just for kicks, they end up playing a “murder-swap game.” Each person anonymously writes who they want dead, and the names are exchanged with another resident. Soon, actual murders start to happen, and those who took part in the game start receiving alarming messages written in the same handwriting: It’s your turn to kill.

Three Takeaways

I picked this up due to the plotline. While I often look at the cast, this one piqued my interest without having any of my favourite actors or actresses. The only actor I recognized was Tanaka Kei (Shota). To make my review easy to follow, here are three key takeaways that make this J-drama worth watching.

A Snappy Plot

What I mean by a “snappy plot” is how quickly it moves. Something interesting happens in every episode that pushes the plot along. Sometimes the plot takes a step back, only to take two steps forward in the next episode. In other words, there’s never a dull moment. Something is seemingly resolved, but another question pops up.

While Shota is initially not aware of the game, he ends up taking the initiative to solve the mystery to protect his wife. Also, despite the friendships and teamwork that builds throughout the plot, everyone has a secret or is lying to protect themselves or someone else.

Character Depth

The story follows Nana and Shota, but it sheds light upon the lives of other residents and their relationships with each other or their families. It gives you an insight to either how dysfunctional some families are or how caring some people can be. Or, it simply shows you not to judge by appearances.

Secrets are also revealed about Nana and Shota’s relationship; some that make you see how endearing Shota is. While character depth is meant to give you hints to who the murderer can be, it only confuses you further. In a good way, of course.


Besides the theme song (aimer – Stand Alone), there’s rarely any music throughout the show. However, at the right times, a suspenseful tune picks up and gives you shivers. It’s like the music that plays when the ghost is about to appear. Except, in this case, it’s like the aftermath of a curse.

The theme song is also worth checking out: American-ish but sung in Japanese.


Hell yeah. It’s fun and mysterious, and you’ll be eager to watch the next episode every time. There are rumours of a second season in the works, though I’m not sure how that’ll play out. However, I haven’t watched the raw, tenth episode yet. So… who knows.

If you do decide to pick this up, grab some snacks and get comfy. You’ll be in a for a great ride.

Picture Credit: Bagikuy

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