The Color Of Ideas【Writing Prompt】


Magic; imagination; wisdom; elegance

Plagued by doubtful thoughts, he wandered in solitude. Though it was never the loneliness that exhausted him.

Until he stopped.

A stream of light suddenly danced around him. And as he looked up, he smiled. Even as the light faded, he knew it would come back one way or another.

All it took was a change of mind and a change of heart.


Creativity; music; love; inhibition

She sat twirling her pencil between her fingers, gaze fixed on her craft.

Conversations around her fell on deaf ears.

“I think you dropped this.”

Her pencil fell suddenly on the table as she turned to the unfamiliar male beside her.

Thanking him, she took the eraser from his hand and picked up her pencil once again, unaware of the shy smile on her face.


Security; sophistication; mystery; intrigue

In quiet alleyways, one will find hushed exchanges in small street bars.

In rambunctious destinations, conversations in numerous languages became white noise.

Passing by an erratically flashing neon sign, he casually glanced in the small café window, wondering if he would see a familiar face.

Hands in her pockets, she turned the corner and glanced at the erratically flashing neon sign, unaware she had caught his eye.

The city never sleeps.


Simplicity; winter; emptiness; light

Cheeks red, his eyes were shining as he lightly tapped her shoulder.

She spun around and smiled.

“Can I buy you a coffee?” they asked simultaneously.

Laughter echoed through the chilly night.

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