The Variants of Vampires【Writing Prompt】

“It seemed like she wasn’t getting enough sleep.”

“She had these large dark circles underneath her eyes… I don’t know–it didn’t look normal.”

He glanced in the large mirror to his left and saw the large dark circles underneath his eyes; the same as the ones described by those who knew the deceased on television.

“I think everyone should be more careful. It seems like insomnia is contagious.”

He struggled to get to his feet. With one hand on the sofa, he staggered to his room, nearly collapsing on the small bed before he saw a glimpse of a familiar female face in the rain-stained window.

“She zoned out frequently like she was mentally tired. But she also got more violent.”

He stared at the window, wondering if it was a trick of the light.

“It sounds crazy but a zombified state?”

It began to pour.

“I joked with her one time… ‘it’s like your soul dies a bit more every time you come here.'”

A chill ran down his spine as he stared at the smiling woman’s face.

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