World Book Day【Free Verse】

In celebration of World Book Day, here are some of my favourite books told in free verse form.



two brilliant college students

carried out an experiment

that gave them superpowers

and while one remained sane

the other went astray

but it makes you question

the borderline of good and bad

The Maze Runner


a group of teenage boys

stuck in a forest-like vicinity

fighting for freedom

only to discover

that to obtain it

requires more than perseverance

Battle Royale


too much political power

leads to chaotic and deadly

regulations and laws

none of which can be changed

only to go along with the government’s

insane game of killing your classmates

And Then There Were None

download (1).jpeg

a group of people travel to an island

to later discover they have nothing

but each other

when mysterious murders begin

will anyone make it out alive

The Night Circus


travel to the night circus

where it was once a battlefield

for two star-crossed lovers

but is now a place of entertainment

filled with the characters you will come

to know and love


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