The Hate Note【Writing Prompt】

This wasn’t the first time he received this hand-written letter.

But it was the first time he decided to take action.

After calls to the local post-office to cut off mail delivery, he peacefully enjoyed the remaining days in town before his official moving date across the country.

Upon arriving at his new place with a single large suitcase in tow, he noticed a familiar brown envelope on the marble counter. No date. No address. Only his name scrawled in horrifically recognizable, elegant handwriting.

“Oh, I was asked to deliver that here.”

He turned to his agent who glanced at the envelope before taking out a smoke, unaware of his sudden, overwhelming panic underneath his calm countenance.

Yet, it wasn’t the same hateful words he read before. Rather it was a single sentence written in the middle of the thin sheet.

Getting rid of me won’t be that easy.

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