Murder Mystery Meets Romantic Erotica

An author of wit and romance mysteries, Sandra Brown became one of my favourite mystery novelists since I read her book, Mirror Image, by chance a few years ago. Why am I writing this now? Good question.

The focus of her books is often murder mysteries. Whether the protagonist is a detective, a runaway, your everyday average joe, the story eventually progresses to a point where someone life is in danger such as Mirror Image.

Mirror Image focuses on mistaken identity, where the protagonist is forced to go under surgery to repair her appearance after a horrific plane accident. However, her new face is not her old one, but a glamorous woman who is also the wife of a powerful senatorial candidate, Tate Rutledge. She later learns that someone is planning to assassinate him and tries to prevent the man she’s grown to love from being killed.

What I especially loved about Sandra Brown’s writing wasn’t her prose or narrative but the execution and weaving of mystery and romance. It felt so natural with small and big moments happening at appropriate times.

In regards to Mirror Image, the romantic buildup and the protagonist’s ultimate realization of her feelings and hesitation to act on her feelings happened within the larger plot premise which is estranged family problems and relationships.

Since then, I read other Sandra Brown books such as Chill Factor, Mean Streak, Charade, and Lethal. Some I loved more than others. There were times when the romance and sexual tension felt forced and the direction got slightly distorted.

Yet, I strongly recommend for any mystery and romance lover to check out Sandra Brown. She’s definitely one of the stronger mystery romantic novelists out there.


If you love mystery romances, I recommend checking out Sandra Brown. Just do it. Or else you’ll regret it.


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