Red Snow【Writing Prompt】

creative writing writing prompt

From Writer’s Digest:

The first major snowfall of the season has finally arrived. When the worst of it lets up, you bundle up, pull on your warmest boots, and venture into the whiteness of the back yard. You’re admiring gently falling flakes, when you spot something startlingly red amid the drifts at the back of the yard.

His heart raced as he stared in horror at the body he once buried many years ago. Clothes untattered, skin untouched but a single knife to the chest, blood blooming onto the untouched snow.

He stepped back, his footsteps loud against the thick, fresh snow. As he scrambled back to his home, the night of the murder flashed vividly in his mind.

“You shouldn’t be saying such things.” There was a malicious glint in his eyes. “I may just kill you.”

“Is that a threat?” His assistant asked calmly, unfazed. Her back was to him. “You wouldn’t have the nerve to do such a thing.”

She felt a sudden sharp pain as she slightly lurched forward. Slowly, she turned, her mouth agape and dilating eyes staring at her boss-turned lover.

“It’s amazing… the lengths to which people will go to save their own skin.”

His mobile phone nearly slipped from his clumsy grasp. He waited impatiently, the palms of his hands sweaty as the line continued on until…

A loud, deafening static shocked him. His phone was now away from his ear. Yet, he could clearly hear the words spoken in a light, calm voice.

“It’s amazing… the lengths to which people will go to save their own skin.”

It wasn’t the words that made him drop his phone. But rather how the snowfall in his yard remained completely untouched.

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