Webtoons To Die For

must read webtoons

Ok, not really. But you get the point.

A webtoon is described as “an animated cartoon or series of comic strips published online.” For this post, I’m talking about comic strips.

I came across an app called LINE Webtoon a while back, and that was my first exposure to a world of comics produced by many talented artists and storytellers. So, I decided to share some of my favourites (aka the ones I’m still following) with you guys.

Refund High School

If you get a chance to reincarnate as an ideal version of yourself, would you take it? Aru, Gunn, and Mari died at the same time. They get a chance to be reborn if they earn enough karma points at reincarnation high.

refund high school review

Technically the story focuses on a single character, Aru, and her journey through reincarnation high. There’s creative bits added onto the typical “high school experience.” For example, there was one part where if students performed well on a test, they would receive a memory bottle(?) that brought back some memories of when they were alive since they were erased after they were reborn.

The best points of this webtoon lies in its art and characters. The art is amazing, ’nuff said. As for characters, they’re funny, relatable, quirky, and interesting. Overall, the story is lighthearted and is I guess your typical high school experience with fantasy and paranormal elements. Of course there were also heavier moments. Now, the story is transitioning into how the school was created which will be an interesting arc to explore. I guess it also has to be addressed eventually.

Fun Facts:

  • the super talented author, LICO, also did a collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment (the company who produced K-pop group, BTS) and released a webtoon on BTS called SAVE ME.
  • This webtoon has its own Instagram (@__ghostagram__)

Just For Kicks

This one’s your average slice-of-life webtoon that focuses on the club activities of a university’s taekwondo club.

Just for Kicks recommendation

It’s also lighthearted with content on funny moments. Each “episode” is also short and gets straight to the point. If anything, you should read it cause of the cute drawing style.

Conversation With Google

This one’s self-explanatory. It’s… a conversation with Google. The web browser has a sarcastic and arguably sassy personality that answers questions. But you don’t only get Google, you also get Bing, Firefox, and Safari.

conversation with google webtoon

This comic pretty much just shows what personalities web browsers would have if they were human and what kinds of relationships they would be in. Each episode is also short, so if you’re looking for something comedic and fast to read… this one.

The Pigeon Gazette

A comic about a webtoon creator’s daily life. It’s another slice-of-life that turns relatable situations comedic if they aren’t already.

the pigeon gazette jane

There’s also tons of webtooms similar to this one such as Brutally Honest, Safely Endangered, Daily Lives of Webtoon Creators, RANDOMPHILIA, etc,. This one’s just a representation of all the other ones you should also check out.

Cat Loaf Adventures

A cat that’s a loaf of bread and his adventures. That’s it. That’s the story.

cat loaf adventures webtoon

I honestly just picked this one cause of the adorable art and funny characters. The main “cat loaf” isn’t too bright but you love him anyway. You also have Rye loaf who’s a lot like grumpy cat. His face is always stoic and is an extremely serious loaf of bread.

Each episode is a bit long, so prepare yourself… I guess.

Ghost Teller

While there’s so many comedic and slice-of-life webtoons, this one’s on the serious and albeit dark side. The premise is also super interesting: ghosts telling ghost stories about humans to other ghosts. Death, angst, violence, are all themes addressed in this webtoon.

ghost teller webtoon

One of the stories told was about a married professor having an affair with his student which was caught on camera by a man who was asked to investigate the professor by his wife.

The entire webtoon shows the dark side of human nature and how their thoughts and actions are scarier than any other ghost story.

Other Great Webtoons

There’s so many more on this list that I can include. If you guys don’t know about the app, check it out for some awesome stories by many talented artists. Let me know if you’re into any webtoons so I can add it to my reading list 😉

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