Ie Uru Onna no Gyakushu [First Thoughts]

Ie Uru Onna no Gyakushu is the second season of Ie Uru Onna. For those who are interested, I did a review on the first season here.

In season two, Sangenya Machi returns to Tokyo and is married to her superior, Yashiro Dai. However, she is faced with a rival real estate agent, Rusudo Kenji, an intelligent, strange and quirky man who does business slightly differently than Machi.

 Ie Uru Onna no Gyakushu review


I find this one more interesting than the first season in that it’s slightly more character focused rather than business focused. In the first season, its focus was on Machi and what kind of character she was on the job. You rarely got to see what she’s like in her personal life, if not at all.

However, in the second season, as she is now married to Yashiro Dai, you get a glimpse of how she’s like outside her professional life. She tries her best to be a good wife while focusing on achieving results.

Ie Uru Onna Season 2

While I wasn’t too fond of her character in the first season, she really grew on me in a mere two episodes. Her husband, however, I ain’t liking as much. He doesn’t do much… at all. He complains about Machi not being attentive to him and rarely does anything at work… at least so far. By the end of episode two, I was thinking that she should just divorce him. (She too good for him.)

The new character, Rusudo Kenji, is played by Matsuda Shota (Hana Yori Dango, anyone? :D) Kenji is charming, though a bit strange. By strange, I mean that he needs someone to tell him whether to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ to open the door. You’ll know what I mean if you watch the drama.

Your Home Is My Business Season 2

He’s quiet and also an expert at his job. However, Kenji relies on people’s feelings for his job. As in, the way he sells houses is to play to people’s emotions. For example, in episode one, he sells a house to a Japanese YouTuber by drawing out a sense of nostalgia that it was similar to the house he was raised in by his grandmother and how it’s a peaceful, quiet place away from public demands.

A direct contrast to his method is Machi’s way of selling the house to the Japanese YouTuber. Initially, this was Machi’s first loss. Ever. Yet, she goes as far as to break down the wall of a small, shack-like house and manages to sell it to the Japanese YouTuber for 100 million by explaining how this house accommodates to him as he is a person who thrives on attention and criticism.

In a nutshell, I think this drama aims to compare and contrast between two different ways of doing business with similar levels of intelligence. I recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a drama to watch. Also, you don’t have to watch the first season to understand what’s happening.

While those are all valid reasons… you just have to watch it for the LGBT that wasn’t present in the first season. It’s cute, funny, and adds a bit of spice to the entire thing.

Ie Uru Onna season 2 review

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